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  1. catssseyes

    catssseyes Team 1 all the way!

    Hi all,
    Just thought I'd post my ramblings on here whilst I get through the next few days!
    Today is day 1. Feel rubbish- haven't felt the urge to eat, but just feel headachey and yuck. Think that's to do with a little cold I have too though.
    Have had porridge for brekkie, choc shake and a choc tetra. 4 pints of water, lots of coffee and tea. I did feel quite queasy earlier, but that seems to have passed.
    Back in school Monday, but children aren't in til Tues, so hoping I'll feel a little better by then.
    Anyone else on day 1?

    PS: I have lost about 5stone on this diet, but fell off the wagon when we went to Florida to get married- have eaten like a pig since and need to get the stone and half I've put on off. Feel really awful, and remembering how I felt just a stone ago is keeping me going...:cry:
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  3. catssseyes

    catssseyes Team 1 all the way!

    Day 2:
    Feeling ok, but obsessing about food.
    Tried to have an original porridge for brekkie, but couldn't even put it in my mouth without gagging, so it didn't go down well. Or at all.
    So chucked that and did half a choc mint shake. Will go and have the other half in a bit.
    2pints of water down so far, and trying to persuade my hubby that we need to get out for the day so I stop obsessing.
    I know that if I can just get through this first week, things will get easier. Keep telling myself it's only 6 wks!
  4. jules75

    jules75 Full Member

    Hi catseyes, Im on restart, thankfully passed the first few days, I must admit it was so much harder this time round, Im not sure if its a psychological thing or not, ive not got as much to lose as the first time, perhaps about another stone or so, ive lost 7lbs my first week

  5. catssseyes

    catssseyes Team 1 all the way!

    Hi Jules, thanks for the message.
    I have been really grumpy and so hungry today so have decided to sole source plus and have a small bit of plain chicken. I figured it's better than going completely off track.
    So chicken followed by a choc tetra and a pint of water to watch X Factor with! xx
  6. kellyv81

    kellyv81 Full Member

    Hi ya,
    I'm on day 1 today!!
    Had my first of MANY Chocolate shakes (Don't like any of the others)
    I'm sitting here with my black tea and half of my Peanut bar thinking I CAN do it this time!!
    I was on the diet a while back and came off of it for many reasons and have had a few non starters since ie having a shake in the morning then in the afternoon eating everything in sight!
    Anyway back as of today and really trying to stay focused this time.
    How do you both beat temptation??
    Well done with your weight losses so far!
    I'm not getting weighed untill next wednesday so hoping for at least 5 lbs!!
    x x x x
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  7. exp107

    exp107 Silver Member

    Good luck with the re-start hun!
  8. catssseyes

    catssseyes Team 1 all the way!

    Thanks very much both! Expo, you are doing fantastically! Well done!
    Hi Kelly, so far I haven't had any cravings, which is a miracle. I think that's because if I am hungry in the evening, I am letting myself have a small piece of chicken. That has helped me with the hunger. So officially I have done SS+ this week. There is a thread about getting back in to SS the easy way and it advises to start at the higher plans and go down daily. I haven't done that but I guess having the understanding that I can have chicken has kept me on track this week so far.
    I had a sneaky weigh on my scales, and it says I've lost 7lb. Hope it stays like that til tomorrow night when I get weighed!
    We shall see! :)
  9. MiniMimi2091

    MiniMimi2091 running strictly on fat!

    Hiya, it's my second day on ss and I am really struggling.

    It's not even being this hungry but feeling being completely empty...

    I am tempted to have a chicken in order to survive the worst but I don't even know if I will be able to stick with it.

    I feel really tried and in need of health meal.

    I hope I'll be able to carry on....
  10. catssseyes

    catssseyes Team 1 all the way!

    Oh dear Mimi- I hope you're feeling better?
    I just got weighed and lost 8lb! Really chuffed! And that is with eating chicken every day this week. Try to stick with it. But I think that if it keeps you going, chicken is not going to throw away all your hard work. Good luck! xx
  11. justinemansions

    justinemansions New Member

    My first post - day one ss

    I'm a posting virgin and a born again Cambridge dieter.

    As I've gotten older, I've developed a sweet tooth and lost my willpower so am hoping watching you succeed will help me too ;)

    I've been hungry all day

    Good luck honey!!!
  12. Losing it for good

    Losing it for good Full Member

    I am also a restarter, this is my first week back and the only thing that is keeping me going is the big fat smug smile I had when I saw 10st 13lbs on the scale last time round! I was less than a stone from target and fell off the wagon, due to work, family, holidays know the usual stresses.

    Anyway I am desperate to hit my goal in time for Christmas and will check on here to see your progress too.

    Good Luck xx
  13. MinnieMel

    MinnieMel Why Be Normal?

    Hi Catseyes,

    I back trying to lose a the almost two stone I put back on after losing about five last year. I taken about 1/2 off this month... not as much as I had hoped, but going down not up -- so that is a plus. How are you doing?


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