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Back on LTR after 4 week hols


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Hi All

Well Today is the day for my restart after gaining 1 stone after my 4 week holiday, but this time I am going to get the other stone off to get to goal.

I have plenty of LTR waiting in the wardrobe from last time I was on the diet so I have nothing to loose now but weight.

Yet again I need to change my ticker in the wrong direction but this will make me more determined to get back on track.

Good luck to everybody on their LTR journey it is well worth sticking to.

Jo x :)
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Good luck Scamp, if its any help Ive been off LT for 3 weeks on refeed and a holiday and I found it easier this time around! Bet you can wait to meet your goal! 79lbs is an amazing achievment! Hope you had a ncie holiday.
Best Wishes x
You know what needs to be done, as you've done so well before :) YOu will do just great - a 4 week holiday sounds fab!! lucky you!


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Thanks Jodie, I had a brilliant holiday but I am so ready to get back on LT and be able to get back into my clothes more comfortably with the help of the forum for support. LT is a brilliant weight loss diet and worked so well for me last year and in general it was quite easy to maintain the weight loss apart from these holidays away.

Good luck for your next weigh in.

Jo x


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Thanks Elle very well done on your wonderful achievement, once you get your head round LT it just comes as second nature doesn't it (well I hope it still does this time round) I really would like to get to goal this time but I am not in a rush but you don not realize just how much more energy you have when you are lighter.

Are you still on LT or have you been refeeding but still loosing weight, you must luck so different I know a few people did not recognize me and some people thought I looked younger.

Jo x
Thanks Scamp! I am still on LT. Going to continue on it until I reach goal and then refeed for prob 3 weeks. As my goal is towards the higher end of healthy weight for my height i figure i can always lose a few more pounds on refeed but it's not crucial :)

I am trying to get used to the compliments, it really doesn't feel real exactly how much weight I've lost. Everyone is very surprised at how much I actually weighed to begin with, which is actually quite nice to hear. Got told on Friday night I look younger too, but i think i look reasonably young for my age anyway (I'm 32) - and actually when you have more weight and fewer wrinkles i think that's true of lots of bigger people!!

I am SO in the LT zone, and can honestly say it's been scarily easy to keep up with. I really do need to get exercising now though, to raise fitness and tone up the wobbly bits.

best of luck - you will do just fine i'm sure :) not long to go now for us both!!

Good luck! I hope you succeed in getting that stone off, I am in the same boat as you. I am going on a mission to loose 1.5 stones!

Lets go for it! :)



Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Scamp

Welcome back - you will get into the flow of things no problem...your weight loss before is amazing and with only a few stone to lose, you will do that easily in a matter of weeks!

Well done.

Have a good week!!

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