Back on SS for the very last time. Day 1

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  1. lostpolarbear

    lostpolarbear Full Member

    I guys,

    So I went from 13 st to 9st 13 in 2008 age 23 (Lipotrim SS)

    Then got married & had a baby

    Then went from 13 1/2 stone to 11st in 2011 age 26 (Cambridge SS) and got pregnant with second baby

    Then went from 12st 8lbs to 9st 13lbs in 2013 age 28 (Cambridge SS)

    And never got to my target weight of 9st. In fact never got below 9st 13lbs. I've gained most of the weight back now weighing 11st 12lbs at 29.

    The thing I've never done the other times is step up the plan gradually I've always just done it my own way which obviously doesn't work. This time in so determined because I want to reach my goal by the time I'm 30. I'm still young, I have 2 young children, I'm a midwife and have zero energy! I'm not just doing this for me but for my kids. I've also lost all my confidence again so I just want to stay in and don't want people rolling their eyes saying "you always gain the weight back again" not this time!

    So I'm on day 1 (again) on SS. There will be the occasional day where I will have to "cheat" in the next few months due to hen do, my mums 60th meal my husbands 30th but I'm quite good at getting back in track the day after I do this I just don't over do it. Best way I think than plan to be 100% and then if cheating happens I won't beat myself up about it and go on a binge because I've carefully planned it. Anyway that's my story! So hi to all!
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  3. juliebags

    juliebags Silver Member

    Hiya , i like you made the mistake of not coming up the steps , and,,,,,,,,it really is a mistake !!! Went back to my old days believing hoe easy it would be to shift the weight again,,,wrong!!!! I am paying for it now , almost back to where i started so dissappointed in myself!!! So this time no matter how much i want to rush it i am going to take my time with my steps , i am lucky my neighbour is my consultant and she will let me see her every week after all the steps just to keep me on track ,, i am going to take her up on this offer this time !!! I can't keep failing !
  4. lostpolarbear

    lostpolarbear Full Member

    Good for you!! When I've looked at the maintaining thread and seen all those people who have managed to keep the weight off they have all said the key is doing the stepping up properly. Like you say it's about taking your time. I just don't want any more people proving me right that "you just gain the weight back on a diet like that" stuff them we can do this! Xxx

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