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Back on ss.


I can do this.
well after a terrible weekend of pigging out:( i'm back ssing and i'm STARVING.:( Ive drank so much water my stomach is making funny noises. Today is day 2 and i wish it was day 5,:( i could just eat a burger and chip's...mmmm, :D i must remember.... a minute on my lips...forever on my hip's.lol, need food... need food, HELP.
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I can do this.
Thanks for ur support guy's, Beverley thanks for suggestion.... i think i'll have to split my last pack or i won't last the night, so hungry.
Day 1 is almost over Linda - you know that is the hardest one so keep going! I know that you can do it - keep strong, keep motivated. If any food gets near your lips then get on here immediately! Thats an order! lol;)


Strong women stay slim
Yes a moment on the lips an inch on the hips , so bloody true , ouch . But at least you have found the way back ...


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your nearly there hun im on day 3 of re-start and it is hard but gettin slightly easier, just think a few more days and ur in the happy zone if u cheat u have to start all over again!!
keep going and if u feel ur losing it get on here or ring a friend and have a chat to pass the time keep busy thats the key!
we can do this!! crimbo isnt that far away!
Well done you, stay strong! I'm on day 2 after a blip on Sunday evening and I could eat anything right about now but i keep thinking about standing on those scales Saturday and i want them to go down! Good luck x

Mrs Roch

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Linda, I'm feeling exactly like you at the moment.... after a terrible AAM week - I'm on day 2 of SS..

I'm so cross because I've just cooked my DS Fish and Oven Chips and he's said he doesn't want it as he isn't hungry - I hate wasting food so it's sat on a tray in the kitchen - the smell is driving me mad and I want to dive into the fish...

I know I should just throw it away but I'm hoping DS says he wants it...


Gone fishing
Proud of ya Linda:clap: You can do it gal. As for splitting the packs, I always did that. Couldn't bear the thought of not having something mid evening, and 1/2 a shake for dinner seemed more like 2/3 for some reason.:confused:

Keep strong mate:)


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Stick with it Linda - if you can have a bath and an early night :nightf:to keep you away from the kitchen !!

Well done on getting back to SS :D :wavey:
Stay with it Linda, I have every confidence you can do it. Grin and bear it and tomorrow you will have Day 1 under your belt.



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Well done for getting back on it Linda, you can do it, stay strong!! :D(burger and chips is overated anyway :rotflmao:)
Keep with it Linda, I know how you feel.
I had a bad day yesterday but back with it today.
Keep smilimg x x x


I can do this.
Just want to thank u all for u word's of wisdom and support, i've been good and did'nt give in,

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