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Back on SW!


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Hey there everyone. I'm a regular poster over on the Cambridge threads but to be honest after a failed attempt to get on the Cambridge horse I've decided that maybe going back on Slimming World may be the right thing for me at the moment.
I have a lot of weight to lose - roughly 8 stone to target - and thats one of the reasons i wanted to do Cambridge as if i don't see results relatively quickly i tend to get down about it and give up! But to be honest i just don't think that i'm in a VLCD place just now. I have too many other issues in my personal life that i'm trying to deal with and i just can't seem to focus on not eating at all. I'm hoping that if i can stick to Slimming World for a bit then maybe i can get my head sorted and tehe whole 'dieting' thing will become an easier journey to make. Anyway, wish me luck! :)
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Hey, just wanted to say good luck on SW! That would be my choice after Cambridge, I hope it works for you :0) Don't forget about us in the CD forums tho!


Addicted to Minimins!
Don't forget about us in the CD forums tho!
I won't be leaving you guys, i think the diet is amazing if you can stick with it, but my heads just not in the right place at the mo - give it a couple of months and hopefully i'll be in a better place to get back on it! *fingers crossed*
Good luck Rayven!
You're right - to do a VLCD successfully your head needs to be in the right place and if it isn't, it's a monumentally hard task to get back on track.

Better to try something that you have a chance of succeeding at - doing a mainstream diet properly is as fast and effective as messing about on a VLCD.

Looking forward to hearing about your progress :)


Addicted to Minimins!
First weigh in.

Have only been back on SW for 3 days but have still lost 2lbs so am happy with that as i thought i'd put some on! :) Right, time for head down and sticking 100%. Fingers crossed for a good loss next week. x
I tried CD for a while as well, and it really did work, however found it way too hard not to eat :) Am just now starting sw. Good luck!!


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