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Back on the band wagon!

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by Lucy_B, 7 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. Lucy_B

    Lucy_B Well-Known Member

    Well have been dipping in and out of ww for last few weeks. Lost a bit, gained a bit, lost again and I will have gained this week but that's it!
    No more excuses, more planning, more control. Oh and more exercise.
    Last wi I was 13st 8.6. Tomorrow I will wi and start afresh!
    Got my 30 day shred DVD, my kettle bell and have signed up to Zumba.
    The only thing that was stopping me up to now was me, I have supportive people around me and you guys have been brilliant.
    It's time to feel fab!
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  3. x Lulu x

    x Lulu x Well-Known Member


    Me too i'm back on weight watchers as of today!

    I lost 2 and a half stone last yr then went on hol and couldnt get back into it. So decided to give slimming world a try and i just couldnt get away with it. I wish i could as i hate weighing things but here i am 8lb heavier and back on track.

    Good luck! X
  4. oasis6918

    oasis6918 Well-Known Member

    I start WW at class tomorrow good luck xx
  5. Lucy_B

    Lucy_B Well-Known Member

    Good luck ladies :)
  6. bessie84

    bessie84 Well-Known Member

    good luck xx
  7. xNikkix

    xNikkix Member

    Good luck.
    Im back on it from today.Lost 2lb this week so gave me the kick up the backside to get back on it properly x
  8. Lucy_B

    Lucy_B Well-Known Member

    Well done. On my wi I had gained 2! That was my back on the band wagon weight, hoping to have lost by next wi. Good luck :)
  9. claire_1985

    claire_1985 Well-Known Member

    I too have been on the on/off wagon for the last 3 weeks, I feel very ashamed of myself for letting this happen as I'm paying for online support but am losing financial pounds and not my fat pounds! Tomorrow is yet another monday and if I dont give myself a kick up the backside, nobody else will! Good luck to everyone for this week, I read all your stories and posts and wish I could be as disciplined as you all :) xx
  10. Lucy_B

    Lucy_B Well-Known Member

    It took too long for me to get into the right frame of mind but you can do it!x
  11. claire_1985

    claire_1985 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I hope so too :) xx
  12. Lucy_B

    Lucy_B Well-Known Member

    How did yesterday go?x
  13. claire_1985

    claire_1985 Well-Known Member

    I was super super good! Used all bar 3 of my dailies and 0 weeklies yesterday and today I used 5 weeklies as I couldnt resist joining hubby in a pancake with nutella....mmmmm!! How have you been doing hun? xx
  14. Lucy_B

    Lucy_B Well-Known Member

    Well done :)

    I've been okay ish. Used 5 weeklies yesterday and went over again today but I've just done my exercise DVD so I'm sure I have clawed some back :) so overall not done too bad :) xx
  15. Looby88

    Looby88 Member

    Good luck!!

    I'm in the same boat ... Weigh more than when I started!! So joined the gym today and that's it back on it ... Well try !! Xx
  16. Lucy_B

    Lucy_B Well-Known Member

    You can do it! I've set myself a 2 stone challenge. My friends wedding in 28 weeks, 1lb a week, 2 stone! I can do it!
  17. Looby88

    Looby88 Member

    Yeah I've got Ibiza and Glastonbury in the summer so need to crack on ... Just joined the gym as well.. Fingers crossed!! It's all about PMA :) haha ... Let me know how you get on xx
  18. claire_1985

    claire_1985 Well-Known Member

    Well done ladies! I think exercise is the way to go; when I was a gym member last year the weight came off quicker than it is doing now. My plan now is to get up before work and do an exercise dvd but its too warm and cosy in bed at the mo! Not a good excuse I know :) xx
  19. Lucy_B

    Lucy_B Well-Known Member

    I know what you mean! I get up at 6.30, and my heating clicks on at 6.30! It's too cold to get up earlier! But then again exercise will warm us up.
    I'm glad I have my challenge. I need something to focus on rather then thinking I have 3 stone to lose x
  20. Looby88

    Looby88 Member

    Yeah there's no way I could get up in the morning to do it!! But I really need to make myself go to the gym :s

    Just really struggling at moment because I know I can't eat whatever I'm craving all things I can't have ... Constantly!! Grr :( xx
  21. Lucy_B

    Lucy_B Well-Known Member

    I know the feeling well!

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