Back on the Lipo train tomorrow


Here we go again!
Good luck with your restart Hannah. You've done so well up to now so keep up the good work and you will be at your goal in no time.


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Hello and goodluck, you have done brilliantly, and another one to add to my list of inspiring people, thankyou! :)


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hey Hannah, dont be nervous woman. I've had quite a few false starts and shaky restarts but if you hang in there you'll find your flow. Look at how well you've done already. You know you can do it. I'm only at the start myself, (I have actually lost count what day I'm on!! lol -I think its three. I'm not getting weighed so I have no meter lmao anyways...) so we can keep each other right. Just get into it. You've more chance of doing it all the way this time if you see it as a positive and manageable thing. Which you know it is woman! ;) ;)



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OH no, it's day four!! Frig! No wonder I feel lighter lol


Getting thinner everyday!
Haven't you done well previously!!! That's a great result.

Good luck with your restart

Alex :)


I will be skinny again!!!
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Good luck!!

You have done very well so far, and well done for starting up again :)

Its good to see that you kept to pretty much the same weight in your 3 month break :)


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Thanks for all your comments guys!

I am currently setting up a blog- ive literally just started it- im hoping that it will keeping me on track.

please ive it a visit once in a while- i will try keep it updated as much as possible with how im doing

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