Back on the slimming world wagon


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Hello, I'm newish here. I signed up quite a long time ago, but never really used the site. Story of my life really. I've lost count of how many times I've joined slimming world, lost a stone or so and then packed it in. I've also tried weight watchers - lost about 2 stone for when I had to squeeze into a bridesmaid dress at a wedding, then promptly put it back on again afterwards (I did NOT hold back at the wedding breakfast!!!) 5 years later and I'm fatter than ever. But a recent visit to the doctor's has given me the kick up the backside I need to get my act together. I knew my weight was a risk factor for my health, so I'm quite annoyed with myself for not getting on top of it before now. Anyway, I decided to get back on the slimming world wagon (I felt constantly hungry on weight watchers and I get very grumpy when I'm hungry!) but this time I'm also trying to cut out processed food and "eat clean", which I've been dabbling with for a while. 3 weeks in and I'm 5 pounds down - just another 4 stone 2lb to go! I'm doing this at home and not attending any weigh ins, so I'm hoping checking in here will provide me with a bit of accountability and give me a bit more motivation. Good luck to everyone on their weight loss journey! :)
Thanks! Hopefully this will be the last time starting again for both of us. Wishing you every success for your first week back in! :)