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Back on the trim and day two almost done!


Is a loser :)
S: 24st2lb C: 20st8lb G: 14st0lb Loss: 3st8lb(14.79%)
Feeling really good, day two has nearly gone and i've had two perfect days on the trim.....one day at a time though I need to have another few good weeks on this to lose another couple of stone.

Managed to walk around M&S food lunch time without picking up a pasta or sandwich and crisps...tough I was licking my lips and salavating all the way around with all the goodies...so treated myself to a soda water....jeeeez what a treat lol.
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Well not cracking in M & S is a MAJOR achievment in my book! Well done you!


Is a loser :)
S: 24st2lb C: 20st8lb G: 14st0lb Loss: 3st8lb(14.79%)
hope so, keeping positive and one day at a time :)


Here we go again!
Well done Lou, it's great to have you back. Just get that first total week out of the way and you know you'll have cracked it!

Good luck and sending you lots of positive thoughts. You can do it!


A little of everything!
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I can't walk through there without standing by the fresh choc chip cookies and smelling them. I will drive myself insane some day doing it, either that or someone will put me out of my misery and call the men in white coats to take me away...!


Slowly but surely!
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Well done hun, shopping is horrible on LT lol Good luck going forward :)
S: 14st5lb C: 10st11lb G: 11st5lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 3st8lb(24.88%)
Its not just water.....Its M & S water....!!!!

I drool over those adverts, myself. Nearly cracked last night after making a humungous beef stew in the slow cooker for OH, daughter and boyfriend....wanted to dip a hunk of bread in the gravy SOOOO BAAAAD !!!!!


maintaining since June'09
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Well done you! You must feel so much better with a few good days under your belt! Keep up the good work! x


Is a loser :)
S: 24st2lb C: 20st8lb G: 14st0lb Loss: 3st8lb(14.79%)
nearly done day three, but got bad tonight and gave in and had some lettuce......well its 99% water and kidded myself it was leaf and sort of tea.....mmmmmm anyway tough day and my mantra has slowly gone to pot over the day so heading to bed now with bits of lettuce stuck between my teeth and tail between my legs, tomorrows another day and still a couple of pound lighter!

Lesson learnt when fed up go do something and dont sit and stew!
Yes, great idea Lou, try and keep busy, or simply things like going and brushing your teeth helped me in the past. It could have been worse than a lettuce leaf though, so well done.

No lettuce leafs tomorrow though, teeth brushing, ice sucking, water drinking, but no lettuce - ya hear!!

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