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Hey guys,

first thanks so much for all ur support. It really picked me up!I am on here now everyday again as I used to and bang, what a difference it makes.

Yesterday was my first day back into LT after 2 weeks break (slipped) and I managed really well. Just as one of u guys said, take it in steps, like oh i made it through the morning, and then through lunch etc. and the first day was over. So day 2 now and i am feeling great.

My mood has changed completely, even my BF noticed and I am motivated again! Pheeeew! I will get there now and losing 2-3 stone is a piece of cake after losing 6 stone!

Now Girls n Boys, thanks again for ur Motivational support and u will here more often of me again :)

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sooo glad you're feeling and doing better. this place is incredible and i wonder sometimes if i'd still be as motivated as i am without our lipotrim family!!

6 stone is amazing. you're right you can so lose 2-3 if you have already lost double that!!



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Isn't this site great!!! I'm hoping I'll be able to get back on track in a few weeks too, and will surely be on here during the first few agonising days so I can stay on track!!
well done for getting back on track. these guys and girls especially on this part of the forum are so supportive, they made everything so much easier for me :)


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well done for getting back i finding it very tough! if i can just get tru till the weekend i know i'll be grand
well done for getting back i finding it very tough! if i can just get tru till the weekend i know i'll be grand
U will hun, just think of the weekend as it's just like any other day u have managed, so u will manage these just as well! :)

Great stuff - and give plenty of credit to *YOU* too - you are the only person who in the end can make decisions... well done for having the strength of character and determination to give this 100%.

Best of luck :)
Thats great! Good news!! and Good Luck!!!

I am in my third week now, and having the shakes and water are becoming the norm and its really not that bad.
EXCELLENT!! Stride found, now just to carry on! :D
wow - congrats on loosing 6 stone - congrats on restarting - congrats on your great attitude - and congrats on loosing the next 2/3 stone - easy peasy lemon squeezy - only no lemons allowed! :)


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Hi Tridi,
delighted to hear you are back on track, well done to you for giving it your all. I hope all goes well for the rest of the week, come on here often and let us know how you are getting on. best of luck.

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