back on track today


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well after a bit of a bad day yesterday i feel more motivated today so hope i can stay on the wagon this time, will be fine as long as the road is not too bumpy. Have had half a cappucinao this morning plan to have the other half later, so hopefully that will see me through until this afternoon when i shall make some crisps and then have icecream this evening. Well hope you are all doing ok, just read some of the other posts and the losses you guys are having are fantastice hopefully i shall be able to leave a post on friday with a good loss.

I am going anyway at the weekend to center parcs until Monday, i am going to have 2 shakes and a meal I am sure this will be ok as long as i make the right choices for the meal. Then straight back on track when iget back hopefully that will be ok.

Speak to you all soon.

Lots Of Love Busy XX parcs.. that'll be fab! Never been but always wanted to!

Make sure u do something crazy... something you never imagined you'd have a go at... like a high ropes course, or abseilling... You'll be dead amazed and proud after you give it a try!

Well done getting back on track!! Good luck with sticking to ur two shakes/one sensible meal plan!

Be strong and most importantly have fun!!! :D