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Hi Everyone!

I am American but was living in England for 5 years. Two years ago today I started Lighterlife and lost 7 stone and was over the moon with how fab I looked and felt.

I lost my job in England and decided to move back to the USA (without my British husband who was going to apply for his visa and follow me soon after). That was a year ago and my husband is still in the UK as his visa is taking FOREVER!

With the move and living alone and just all of the bad food around me here in the USA I have piled some pounds back on and need to drop some weight.

I found a company that appears to be as close to LL as I can find and ordered a week of shakes which I hope will arrive tomorrow.

I am so excited to start abstaining again. I miss the little me. The healthy me!

I recognize some of the names on here from the old days but remember this was a great tool to keep me on track.

Hope you don't mind if I crash the LL forum!
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I'm not an oldie, but welcome back!! It must be really hard for you having to be without your husband for all this time! I hope he gets his visa soon. Good luck with your shakes we r always here for support xxx


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welcome back Mandee! You've had a lot to deal with in the past year, so it's not surprising you have gained some ... BUT you are dealing with it NOW so that's fab.

Good luck, and keep us posted.


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hi mandee
good luck with your restart
daisy x

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
Hi Mandee

Welcome back. I remember you. :) I'm another yank here on the isle.

Out of curioisty, what is the name of the company you found in the states?

I just wonderd too, if its not too much to ask - what the trouble with your hubbys visa has been? We intend to move back to the states in a year or two, and I am hoping my OH won't have any problems?

If you wouldn;t mind PMing me, or here, just briefly what snags he has encountered? I am hopng we dont have any trouble ourselves.

Thanks, and good luck to you! Where in the states are you?



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:eek: Just realised who you are BL, was looking at your before/after pics this morning and wondering why you looked vaguely familiar!

'Ello, can I call you BJ? :D


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Ah thanks every one for your kind words!

BL - I am in Minneapolis, MN. I grew up here so it's nice to be back but hard with all the snow! We haven't hit any snags with the visa it is just a terribly long process. Each step takes AGES. Be prepared and apply at least a year before you are ready to go but keep in mind that you must use the visa within 6 months of reciept. We are a completely vanilla situation (no divorces, no children, good incomes, plenty of family financial support, etc) I wouldn't wish this on anyone. It's been awful without my husband and he has just been made redundant from his job in the UK but can't even come visit me as you are not allowed entry when you have a pending visa application. Feel free to shoot me a note if you have any specific questions but I really can't stress enough to start as soon as you have your dates in mind as it does take a very long time.

There are a few options here in the USA for VLCDs. Medifast is one, you can order them online but that is more like Lighterlife Lite where you do have one "Lean and Green" meal each night. It is not regulated and you simply order the shakes online. There is another company called Optifast which is overwhelmingly expensive and done in the care of private doctors. The price was simply outrageous to me. I can't quite remember but I thinking it was over $1000 per month. I am going to be doing Immediate Rewards which is from the developers of Cambridge Diet. I received the shakes today so will give them a shot tomorrow. I tried to have Lighterlife shakes shipped over but it just couldn't be done. It was just getting too complicated to try to work it out.