back to abstinence?


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REALLY struggling on RTM. It seems my iron will over the last 7 months has completely dissolved and I'm eating for England.

I've only been going 2 weeks and I'm sure I've piled on weight.

Thinking maybe I've come into management too early and want to go back into abstinence until I've reached my goal rather than try to do it in management.

I'd rather do abstinence for the rest of my life to be honest. It's so much easier than actually having to eat!

Maybe I have more issues around food than I thought. Plus I've got no energy and am struggling to get up in the mornings. Not like when I was in Ketosis,

Anyone feel the same?
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ahhh sorry to hear that rachel im not lucky enough to be in ur position yet but i wud spk 2 ur llc and tell her how ur feeling and see what she suggests!


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When you say you are sure you have piled on weight? Is this confirmed by the scales and how your clothes are fitting? Or is this something you just feel? I only ask because I often think I have put weight on only to find I have still lost weight!

B x


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clothes are feeling tighter and the scales are suggesting I've put on weight but I only go by my LLCs scales and not mine.
I think if I was in RTM without having any more to lose then the pressure would be off and I'd find it a lot easier.
Will speak to my LLC tomorrow and see what she says. CAn't go on feeling like this. It's rubbish!!


nearly there!! :)
sorry ur feeling so bad hunni xxx

i would say going back into abstinance might help in the fact that u can get to where u want and then take in the food side of it, but maybe being in rtm now will help u get there successfully.

dont decide anything until u speak to llc and see what the scales say etc!!
let us know what u decide xxx


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rachel,please dont be too hard on yourself, if it was easy we wouldn't all be here hun.
just look at what you have achieved its and amazing feat.
maybe abstinence would be better for you till your at goal we're all different and you have to go with what feels right for you.
all the best


nearly there!! :)
hey hunni have u made a decision yet?


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I don't think you are unusual

Hi Rachel
I'm not lucky enough tobe on RTM yet, but I remember when BL and a couple of others from my group switched onto it that they found it hard at first. Our LLC always says that abstinence is the easy bit - it's when you start to re-introduce food that it gets difficult.
I hope you can persevere because RTM with support from your group and LLC will set you up for controlled eating for the rest of your life.
Remember how hard Foundation seemed at first?
Stick with it hun, you'll be fine.
Good luck. xx:patback:


lovin' it!
Hi RAchel - so sorry to hear you're having a tough time transitioning into RTM - I totally agree with LS though. Having a split focus is always going to make life harder. For this very reason I decided to stay in development until I hit goal - then I can start eating again without worrying that every calorie is against me. I think a lot of us see food as a silent enemy...working through that takes plenty of time and focus.

If I were you I'd go back into abstinence then try RTM when you're at goal. I'll be right there with you!


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well, I'm having good days and bad days at the moment still. Have tried to go back into abstinence and have had a few days where I've stuck to it completely but a few days where I've strayed and had some week 1 RTM food too.

Scales haven't shifted upwards which is the main thing I guess but feel stuck in limbo really. Not eating for England any more and have slowed things down a lot so given a few more days things should hopefully be a bit more settled.

It's just getting my head round the idea that if I eat I'm not going to put on weight that's the hard part. Ah well, I'm sure I'll get there eventually!


Fighting Demons....
It is bound to feel strange after so long without food!

Good luck with it all though! I am sure it will all work out for you in the end. "They" do say that losing it is the easy bit!!

B x


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Somehow managed to stay the same this week whcih I'm delighted about! I certainly 'feel' heavier but clearly that's of no consequence. Just need to keep things in perspective and I know I can do this.
Now just need to start getting a pound a week off till I get to my goal I reckon.
I know I can do it.
All will be well!!