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Back to life, back to reality

My dear Dad passed away on 9th October in hospital after a brave fight, and never a word of complaint. He and I were alone when he died, and I was holding his hand. What an honour and privilege!

I requested a Lone Piper for what was a very dignified, loving and Scottish funeral. The Piper moved us all greatly; truly it was like laying a beloved Scots father, patriot and warrior to rest. My Dad loved all mankind and helped everyone in countless ways without ever taking payment. He was a passionate Scotsman and very proud to be so. I am proud to be his daughter!

So now it's back down to earth and back to my house in England indefinitely. I will miss him so much but I have lots to be thankful for, and I am.

Got to shift my Glasgow half stone (no excuses!) and get in the groove again.

Love to all and please remember to treasure those you love, and who love you.

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Just sending you love and hugs. I lost my Dear Dad in January and it has been the hardest experience of my life. I too was there at the end holding his hand. It is a comfort to be able to say that and i am sure you will feel the same.

Yes you will miss him, all the time; hopefully though you will be able to remember the happy times and the sadness will start to fade a little.


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Hi Girly

I am so sorry for your loss, your dad sounds like a grand man.

My Scottish mum (from Port Glasgow, but emigrated to NZ) died four years ago today after a two month diagnosis. We had some precious time together and while I still get very sad, the awful grief has mostly passed.

Give in to your grief when you have to and have a good cry, I found that helped. And allow yourself time to laugh at the good memories - it's OK.

Barb, sorry to hear about your dad too.

Love and hugs to you both.

Susie xx


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Ach poor Girly. I hope time helps you over your sad loss. My dad died 10 years ago, and we were all with him at the end, it makes such a difference when you're looking back on things in the future that you could be there for him. So so sad for you though x


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Such a moving post. Lost my Dad 5 and a half years ago and although I no longer think of him every day I have photos of him with my boys in my lounge which show his essence. I really miss him on those days when I think I must ring Dad and tell him that cos he'd really laugh. Thinking of you x
Sending loads of hugs, it sounds like you did him proud.
Lost my my Mum 30 years ago, she was only 44, but I still think about her most days. I hope she would be proud of me these days.


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She sure would, Bren! :)
Oh yes coffee, we spent such a lot of time together particularly in the months before he passed away. The night he died there had been lots of family in the hospital room. For some reason or another all of the others had to leave temporarily, which is how we ended up alone together. My cousin - a retired nurse - said it often happens that the dying person waits for when he or she feels it is 'right' to let go. That my Dad chose me to be the one to share his last moments gratifies me beyond words - a last Gift I will always treasure.

Thank you all for your kind words. Love is all that really matters in this Universe.


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Really lovely words Girly, and moments to treasure

Susie x
Hello you - did post on fb last night as noticed your sad news x Im so sorry and my thoughts and prayers are with you.xxxxxxxxxxxx


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Hi Girly my thoughts and love are with you,my dad died a couple of years ago.I gave up work to be with him when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and those weeks were very precious to both of us,when it was time for him to go we both knew that we had said all that we needed to and how much we both loved one another.
This was very important to both of us because my mother died very suddenly after being diagnosed with cancer ( 2 weeks ) and we both felt there was so much left unsaid.

Take care of yourself lots of hugs.
lorna x
ah {{{{girly}}}} I lost my Father 20 years ago, it is always sad when someone passes on love.