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Back to lose 13lb Gained !!

Hi All

Ok, stopped diet back in Feb, I think, and from nowhere a crafty 13lbs has crept back on.

I tried to restart a few weeks ago but just wasn`t in the zone !
Got two weeks worth and can`t afford to waste that kind of money, so here goes !

Day one, absolutely starving, but doing SS+ so my chicken and broccoli dinner should help !
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Hi Macy, hope you dont mind me asking but did you eat and drink (alcohol) as you would before you went on CD whilst on hols, i think you did fab to only put on 4lb.
Hi Narkynickers !
Luckily I don`t drink, so that may have contributed to only putting 4lb on on my hols! I did eat, but not over the top like I would normally have done !

I lost 4 stone from Feb 2009 til July 2009 but what with hols last year and messing about this year, I`ve gained back nearly a stone ! Gotta nip that in the bud !!

Having said that, I`ve enjoyed both my holidays but always knew that if I did go silly with food, I`d only be really upset once the holiday was over.
How are you finding it at the moment, my 4th day was hell x


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Im restarting CD, on day 2 at the mo!

Started CD at 156 to lose the last 22 llbs (was 210/15 stone at heaviest and previously followed atkins) that i need to lose but drifted off of the plan after a long weekend in dublin

Ideally need to lose 1stone that i have left to go... be good to have support of someone else in the early days! I am trying to do SS for 2 weeks before going up to 810 plan

How are you finding the 2nd day of your restart?
Hi Narkyknickers, and Keely!

Well, day 2 almost over and not too bad, though I`m a bit hungry. I know that once I`ve got 3 days under my belt it`ll get easier.

I must admit, what keeps me going is knowing that this diet WORKS !!!
Plus the fact that unlike when I first started it, I haven`t got too far to go, much like yourselves!

The end IS in sight ! Somehow 3lbs fell of since yesterday!! (I know, its water, but hey, its still 3lb !!)
I`m sure between us, we can stay focused and motivated, and ready to hit the shops/ebay soon for winter wardrobes !!!!!


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I found yesterday evening soooo dificult, think i will definitely be taking a walk while OH has his dinner tonight, not quite ready to smell or watch him eat for pleasure?! lol!

What are you hoping for on your first WI?

Realistically i think 3/4 llbs will make me happy?! But not too sure what to expect?!

I cannot wait to go shopping for a smaller size again, thats def the thing that is going to keep me motivated!

Are you doing this for a special occaision? Or just for you?

Keely xx
I`m so greedy, I`m hoping for 5-6 lbs !!! I`m doing this just for me. I really enjoyed the feeling of my clothes being loose around the belly, and thats exactly where the weight I`ve gained has gone !!!

Most of my weight gain over the years was because I stopped smoking and I just never managed to lose it. Last Feb I was 14 stone, which at 5ft is not good ! In fact thats what I weighed years ago just before I gave birth !!!!!!!!

Something clicked last year, and I discovered how fantastic it was to clothes shop for things I LIKED not just because they fit!
Maybe take a lovely hot bubble bath with candles when your OH has his meal. I must admit, my OH did all the cooking when I started CD last year (and luckily enough has kept it up),as I`m on SS+ he gets my chicken and brocolli ready for about 6pm.

I then save my porridge for about 8pm so that I`m not too hungry when I go to bed. I`ve been luckily all through in that I still have 3-4 cups of tea with a dash of skimmed milk a day, so thats something else I look forward to !
You`ll do fab Keely this week, just keep doing what you`re doing !


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I think the idea of saving a porridge until the evening is brilliant, going to put that to the test, as its the evenings i struggle and at least porridge gives the feeling of eating! All in my mind i am sure!

I am going on holiday on 10th September, so planning on going up to 810 for the 10 days we are there, although its AI deal so is going to be a real battle i think!

Did you stick to CD while on holiday or come off of it for the time you were away?

In two minds with what to do whilst away! Dont want to completely fall off the bandwagon but i do want to enjoy the holiday....

Very well trained to even have your dinner cooked ready and waiting, do you find it easier not to cook whilst on the CD? I have read on here that some people find it actually helps?

Hows day 4 going so far?

Keely xx
Hi Keely

No I didn`t use CD in the end last year on holiday, even tho I`d packed it all! By then, I`d already lost a fair bit, but tbh, the thought of not having an ice cream or even soft drink would have ruined my holidays.

I`d planned for weeks to stay on diet in Spain, hubby even said he`d get takeaways once I`d gone to bed but once we`d got off the plane, I was in holiday mode !!!

I was sensible, and had a few treats but nothing like I normally would !

Its a difficult one, I must admit. On the one hand I had a great holiday and oh didn`t need to feel guilty about eating, but one the other, I was peed off when I had the slight gain (even tho it did drop off fairly quickly.

I find in the early days of a restart, its easier if I don`t cook, but once I`ve settled back into my routine, I actually enjoy cooking for others !

I tend to have my shake at about 11-11am, then my bar with cuppa at 3pm. Chicken and brocolli at 6 ish, the as I said, porridge later. Works for me. (except last night, couldn`t sleep and ended up having another bloody bar at 3am ! could have been worse tho !)

How are you getting on so far?

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