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Back with a vengance

Hello all,

Yes, I'm back. I'm determined, bloody minded and bloody well going to knuckle down for a month and see how it goes. Going to play it Dr D's way and commit to this. I have a big work event on Sunday, June 26 so am just working to that at the moment and then will take stock.

Here's the plan
4, maybe 5 days attack
Bootcamp (have already been doing this) 3 or 4 times a week
Run 3 times a week
Weigh weekly, on Mondays
Post daily menu/diary

I've been keeping an eye on the forum here, and have kept in touch with maintainer (hi Jo :wave_cry:), but am determined to be a regular fixture for a while.

Just off to update my stats now.... gulp
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Gone a bit quiet
Hi. Don't forget that bootcamp and attack phase may not mix too well.
Thanks Topaz. Yes, things fall nicely for me as this week is break week before camp starts again... with an 'induction' class on Thursday, and then a Saturday session when I'll be back on the PVs.

Today's feast

Lunch - 2 x salmon fillets, cottage cheese
Snack - 150g chicken breast
Dinner - 2 x egg, 1 x white omlet with 100g smoked salmon

No excercise (lousy weather), about 2L water. Stuck to Dr D 100% Hurrah!
Day 2, so far so good.

Have successfully run the gauntlet of chocolate and jellies that are all around the office.

And I had lunch, and was still hungry but made myself wait the nec 20 mins to see how I feel. Result? I'm now full. The 'delayed response between tummy and brain' theory works....
Today's food

Lunch - 2 x salmon fillets, cottage cheese

Dinner - 2 x egg + 1 egg white omlet with 100g smoked salmon.

I.e. Pretty much the same as yesterday. Can't you tell it's the day before pay day :)

Went to a works drinks party tonight... Had fizzy water and no nibbles...

No exercise due to work drinks...


** Chief WITCH **
Hello there, GG, and what a surprise to find you here! :D

I won't pick your menus to bits (unless you say I can!!), but you're really not eating enough IMHO... and where is your oatbran?

LOVELY to see you :D
Thanks for the welcome back :)

I'm eating pretty big portions - about 200g of salmon at lunch and a few tablespoons of cottage cheese. Have been up and out early Mon and Tues and as you rightly point out, have been without oatbran as it was, ahem, thrown out by a helpful, tidying OH so I need to get to the health store.

I'm possibly not eating loads, but that's by chance not design! Breakfast today was about 200g chicken breast and I've just had loads of salmon and cottage cheese for lunch.

I get a bit 'groundhog day' on Dukan... eat lots of lots of the same thing.... I'm trying to stay away from Mullers this time around as I get far too keen on them! Not good habits!

Please do watch and help me learn/succeed!
Yes, I try to. Usually something like poached eggs, sometimes with smoked salmon at weekends. And mushrooms if on PV.

Or Oatbran 'cookies' made with eggs, wheatbran, vanilla essence and splenda.

But if I'm up and out at dawn, I'll eat mid-morning and call it 'breakfast'!


** Chief WITCH **
Looks good! You know the drill... :D
I'm still here, and still PPing to the good. Day 4 of attack done, bootcamp tonight and hideous work load, hence silence.

Menus v much as per days 1&2 but with chicken for breakfast :)


** Chief WITCH **
Hideous work load is probably a good thing during attack! Hope it ends soon! Very soon! And you'll be moving onto Cruise soon?

Chicken for breakfast, goodness gracious (says she who had turkey today - I hate Friday's breakfasts when I need to save my muffins for travel in the evenings!

Have a good weekend
Morning! Week one under the belt. Managed okay, even a 'girls night out' on Saturday (although I confess, I did have one glass of white wine). Sunday went fine until I went off the rails on Sunday night and ate some delicious Macaroons that had been hanging around the house since Thursday.

How and ever, pulled back on to PP yesterday and... scales... ta-dah! 6lbs down on last week. Hurrah. I'm full of good intention now for the week ahead...

Off to update my sig..

Hope everyone is well and had good bank holidays :)
Today... (as I float along on a wave of water... there's been a lot of water drinking today...)

Tuesday - pp
Brecky - 100g chicken
Lunch - 2 x salmon fillets with cottage cheese
Dinner - 2 x egg, 1 x white omelet, 100g smoked salmon, bit of onion
oatbran and wheatbran 'pudding' (mixed together with a bit of cinnemon and splenda nuked in the micro for about 20 secs with a drop of milk)

Does anyone have any theories on farmed salmon... is it okay to eat loads of it, or is it total rubbish. I don't think my budget will go to organic (let alone wild) much....? Would it be better to eat mackrel instead?


** Chief WITCH **
<hands on ears and can't hear you cos I too eat ridiculous amounts of farmed salmon and also chickens who don't have the best of lives... As you say, a question of budget. Still, I used to smoke as well, so there's that less!!>
Thursday - PP

No brecky... Oops

Lunch - 2 x salmon fillets & cottage cheese (everyone else in the office ordered in gourmet bagels, my halo shone)

Dinner - 2 x Cajun spiced chicken breasts
Oat & wheatbran 'pud'

1 hour's Bootcamp and buckets of water
Someone brought brownies in to the office today. AGH!!! Luckily I've resisted..... so far..... No, I fully intend on keeping to the straight and narrow, don't even have cravings today (blessed mercy)

Have just thought, I must record my measurements in my sig too, as I've been taking them for the last fortnight and have lost 7 inches off 'below bra', waist and 'widest part of hips' so far.
So, I've worked out why I don't log my menus on to 'menus'... Because stickies don't come up on my iPhone....

Anyhow... Today...

It was touch & go but I resisted the brownies. And when the 4pm slump came, I went to the shops, got chicken for me, sweeties and crisps for those who asked. Whoop.

Today was a loooong day at work, do eating has been at odd times. Hence...

Meal 1 - 2x Cajun spiced salmon fillets, end of a tub of cottage cheese

Meal 2 - 200g chicken breast

Bootcamp - and bloody tough it was too

Meal 3 - just now, as I'm in from work - oat/wheatbran 'pud'

About 4L water. Am trying to cut down on the coffee....

Nighty night!

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