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Backhanded compliments


Still rockin' it
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My in-laws were round for dinner on Friday. Transcript from part of the evening:

Naturally thin relative: Claire have you lost a little weight?
Me: Oh, yes, I've been trying lately and lost some. It's nice of you to notice, thanks
Her: Yes, you look like you have lost a couple of pounds
Me: Yes, well I've lost over 50lb now, so it's going really well
Her: You'll be able to swap clothes with me soon, eh?
Me: Oh, I've a long way to go yet
Her: Try on my cardigan!
Me: I really won't fit in your cardigan, but maybe one day
Her: try it on!
Me: I really don't want to, but thanks anyway
Her: TRY IT ON!!!
(at this point she takes her cardigan off and forces it on me, and it is so tight it cuts off the supply of blood to my hands!)
Me: Yes, it doesn't fit
Her: You can keep it though
Me: No thanks, I really don't want the cardigan
Her: No, I insist that you keep that cardigan as a little incentive to lose a few more pounds, eh?

Why are people such muppets?

In case you, like me have been on the receiving end of tactless offensive behaviour, I just wanted to let you know you are not alone!

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id cut it up and use it as rags and make sure next time she came round she saw me cleaning with it;). or if i knew i would get into it eventually id save it then rock it waaaaaaaaaaaay better than she ever could :)

congrats on your losses and good luck for your future ones xx

Mrs V

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Lol...some people!!!
Make it into a cushion and say that you wanted a constant reminder to loose the weight...but then if you have a dog/cat say that they have formed a natural bond (humping companion!) with said cushion and it would destroy them if you took it away!!


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S: 17st0lb C: 17st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 40.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
what a cow, id buy it in a size smaller for when i AM thinner than her and when she asks is it hers id say no its new urs is actually too big lol x

my sil gave me inspiration, i had been struggling to keep on track when we had a major bust up new years eve and she called me a F***ing fat *****, needless to say ive kept on track ever since and cnt wait to see the smile wiped off her face. Wouldnt mind but shes bigger than me! lol


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Oh my goodness. Some people are so ****ing rude! Good grief!

I'm not sure I'd have kept it together, and I would have had to say something!

But on a positive note OVER 50LBS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! You must be so pleased. That's just phenomenal. Seriously well done xx


Trying again!!!
:rant2: Cow!!!!!! It obviously annoyed her that you had lost so much weight - would it have killed her to pay you a compliment? Anyhow as Lau said your weight loss to date is inspiring :wow: - you should be very proud of yourself - Well done!! Mary xx


Is so very nearly there!
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I would have walked out or smacked her in the mouth! x


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You should have kept it on for a short time, then spilt a drink down the front of it...:sign0007: :D

Well done on your loss so far!!

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