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Bacon Roll?

Thats great nowhere near as much as I thought! I would have thought about 6 or 7 syns! I don't even know for sure that the bacon is fried it could be grilled but I'm still synning for any fat that might have come off during cooking!
Well most wholemeal bread is approximately 6 syns for 57g, however it can vary.

So it really depends on the weight of the roll and then an estimation from there.

I think standard rolls are approximately 60-70g

So 10 grams extra would be about an extra 1 syn, 2 at the most.

And then synning for the oil, which is a hard one to estimate. It would def be more than 0.5 syns though I would of thought.

Not sure if bacon cooked in oil is on syns online.

At a guess I wouldn't count it as any more than 4 syns total.
Thats great! Weighed myself this morning and still lost 2 1/4 pounds so it goes to show the odd bacon roll won't kill me! Feel really happy this morning like it's all been worth it! :)

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