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  1. Marci 26

    Marci 26 Member

    I am on day 2.
    I found day 1 quite easy.
    Had a strawberry shake for breakfast, a peanut flapjack for lunch and a vanilla shake for dinner.

    Really liked the shakes but hated the flapjack.
    I found the tastes and texture very difficult to enjoy.
    Had to literally force it down.
    Going to swap the others I have.

    Didn't feel hungry at all yesterday, but I woke up at 4am with a horrible taste in my mouth.

    Is there anything that can be used to help with this?
    And, does it get any better?

    Thanks for your help.
    This forum is very inspirational and was the deciding factor in me choosing this diet, because of all the success stories.

    My start weight on Tuesday was 11st 6
    Hoping to lose 2 stone
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  3. Vickie_L

    Vickie_L Silver Member

    Cambridge Diet
    the bad breath is part of ketosis hun which you may be entering now - it's a good thing, but unfortunately, doesn't get better! You can use listerine strips thorughout the day though to help, and drinking the water helps too.

    you shouldn't really eat the flapjacks in the first 1 - 2 weeks so its probably a good thing that you don't like them!
  4. Marci 26

    Marci 26 Member

    Thank you.
    I'll get some of those strips and go back to the pharmacy and swap the flapjacks for shakes.
    Thanks so much for your help.
  5. Vickie_L

    Vickie_L Silver Member

    Cambridge Diet
    good luck on your journey hun - everyone here is great for when you're having moments of weakness xx
  6. nicki26

    nicki26 Gold Member

  7. IrishLaura

    IrishLaura Silver Member

    The listerine strips are great when you are out and about. When I am at home I brush my teeth alot! Before bed i give them a good scrub, dont want my OH in the spare room lol
  8. niknak85

    niknak85 Member

    I can't believe you were allowed flapjacks in your first week, i'm not allowed them until after week 9! Even then my pharmacist has said lipotrim don't really reccommend them, the shakes are better apparently?

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