Bad breath


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I have read a lot of stuff on the net about the CD and alot have mentioned bad breath.

Is this really a big issue with this diet?

Do I need to stock up on tooth paste and mouth wash :)
Some people only suffer with grotty mouth for a week or so, iv had grotty mouth since being on lipotrim but i clean my teeth and use listerine strips as I am ok to use them, I also use wrigleys extra when I feel I need to chew but was told to keep checking to make sure I dont go out of ketosis.

It was the only side effect for me, stock up on gold spot and physillium husks for toilet problems and all will be well!
My breath is rancid when in Ketosis...rancid!

I can actually smell it myself as i talk - and its bad

And i particularly hate people who have awful breath...well i dont hate them...its just awful...

and now i am that person!!!