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bad day dont know wot to do

hi all im on day4 of lt (my 2nd time) and last time i was fine didnt feel ill or anything no headaches but today i feel soooo sick and light headed and really really feel like i need to eat is this just ketosis or is there something wrong???? any advice would be great.

bex xx
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I will be skinny again!!!
I didnt have any side effects hitting ketosis, but I hope your ok and feel better soon xxxx
Its perfectly normal just sip on the water and in about 2 days you will be right as rain
okie dokie i really really dnt wanna give up but i feel that sick its really making me want to. i lost 4 n half stone last time round n wanna lose another 2 n half stone so i know i can do it!!!!


I will be skinny again!!!
Maybe just try and have an early night chick? xxxx


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hi i had headaches in week 1, as chelly said i went to bed early for 2 nights, made all the difference it will pass stick with it will be worth it :)
Hope you are feeling better today ? the same thing happened to me in the first week felt so ill, then after that i was great, just plod on and it will get better day by day xxx good luck:D


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as the gang says, Bex, it does get better - try your best to power through, keep drinking plenty of water (all this recent heat doesn't help i'm sure!) and you will get into ketosis if you're not there already.

your week 1 weigh in will almost definitely provide you with maximum motivation for week 2 and beyond :)

good luck, and keep coming back here when you feel like this!


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I felt a bit like that too, in the first week. I just keep busy, drank loads of water and headed to bed early, until I felt better. Which you will do in a day or 2. Keep at it, you can power one. Good luck.


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It will pass. I know I felt so weak around day 2-4 and just had to go to bed on and off; thankfully it was over the weekend.

Just relax and allow your body to adjust again to the lower intake of calories, etc.

Hope you are feeling a little better now, but just keep sipping the water and maybe even a hot drink might just perk you up a bit.

Take care
Please don't give up. I had a period (my first in 23 months) and a stinking cold after a few days, so felt pretty rough, but NOTHING would make me give up, and I can say, hand on heart that Lipotrim is most definately, the very BEST weight loss method I have ever done, and it has completely changed the way I now view food and my tastes!! Look at my journey, below.

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