bad day


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well it's day 38, and i am really struggleing today:( i want to eat eat eat, i am really cold and on my 2nd 2ltr bottle of water and it's making me feel so sick:confused:

My head is banging, and all i can think of is food:mad: i am so anoyed with myself.

really fed up with myself:( :( :( :( :(
Aww you poor thing (((((hug)))) . Go down the shops and buy yourself a good juicy celeb magazine (preferably one where they look shite) or a good book and sit on the sofa a read. I find this really helps and before I know it - I am that engrossed in the mag/book that I forgot I was hungry.

Good Luck xx
I'm so sorry your having such a hellish day hun.

Can you try something different with one of your packs? I know it's going to absolutely no substitute for what your cravings are, but it may help to have something slightly different.

Other than that, a bath with candles and a mag or book?

Stay strong.

Kitty xxx
Thanks everyone, got through today, just about.

hope i have a better day tommorow, and im not going to be like this from now on.

Good night xx