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Bad Day


Getting married July 2011
I need a moan, and I've already been mean enough to my bf today.

Started my new summer job, working in a lab with 3 guys, 2 of them are lovely...but the other...he's ok sometimes, but he can be so rude! Unfortunately he's the boss. Job seems interesting, and it's only for 7 and a half weeks.
Had to avoid eating with them tho, I just want them to get to know me a bit before I bring LT out of my bag of tricks.

I was exhausted and cranky with my bf on the way home after such a long day, and I lay down on the bed with him 'just for a minute' and woke up at the time I was supposed to be in his parents house, what's worse is I was nervous enough because it was my first time having my shake at dinner in someone elses house!!!
We rushed to get ready, and when we were reversing out of the carpark, there was kids running everywhere, and he was so busy watching the unspervised toddlers in a carpark!!!! that he bumped another car! No damage thank god but it was frightening. Traffic was bad and other drivers were aggressive and nasty, and I lost all faith in humanity temporarily.

We got to his parents, and I got quized on LT for an hour, while they tucked into Enchiladas and Garlic bread, I didn't mind the food itself, but the bf's father was trying to torment me with it!!

We opened our new steam cleaner off ebay when we got home, and I used it, and something seemed wrong with it, so the bf gave it a go, and the steam actually came out the finger button, and burnt him (he's just managed to heal a acid burn on his hand from drain cleaner), but worst of all I didn't realise what had happenend and I told him to 'stop being a girl'.
On the plus side my Slendertone System Abs and Arms arrived. Gonna set it up tomorrow night!!!

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on the up lol
lets hope tomorrow is a better day..........
But well done on ur wi . GOOD JOB :party0011::party0011::party0011:
well done on your weight loss hope today is better for you x
Chin up and well done on your loss xx


Regular Member
In the words of Daniel Powter's song 'you had a bad day' ( are you singing it now!! LOL)

Its gone now....all done, plus you had a good weight loss. Well done on that, chin up hun and here's to a good one!!
Oooooooooooh, wot a "nice" day!!!!!!!!! All water under the bridge now and 3lb loss if fabbo, so if the stress helps the weight come off, heres to stress lol!!!!!! Well done x


Posts when she can
Well done on ur loss Guen, ur doing great fair play to ya. Put it all behind u it could have been a lot worse. Lets hope for a better day 2day.x

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