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Bad Evening :(


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Went to bingo tonight with my bf and i had mad cravings for the chips & curry sauce there (it is divine!!!) so i thought i was guna go this whole entire journey only having craved the one thing (up untill now) and bang one hits me!!!

Also i think its probably due to the fact that when i used to go bingo when i wasnt on LT i used to eat crisps, sweets and get a takeaway afterwards - so subconsciously my brain/body still wants that as this is the first time ive been to bingo since being on LT.

But on a good note not once did i think about actually eating anything! :)

My bf got a kebab after :sigh: naughty boy!!!! the smell is gorgeous! smelling food really does help! lol

Sat here with my last chocolate shake of the day :cry: lol
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oh well done Tanya; you had the craving but didn't do anything about it ...Congratulations! x


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Honey you've just got over yet ANOTHER big hurdle! Woooo! Something else that you've related with food, youve managed to go, enjoy yourself and not touch a single thing! So now your brain can start to associate going to bingo with something other than food :D well done babe be proud of yourself!xx


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yay well done you. you've come such a long way with your weightloss. did you win any money? lol


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Surely if you didn't eat despite the cravings, then the thread should be titled: Good evening :)

Well done for getting through it.
P. :cool:


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haha good point pele!

no i didnt win a bloomin thing :(!!! nevermind!
Well done Summer for not caving in.

From reading your posts I know you are quite dedicated to LT and you also encourage people not to stray - so as the saying goes "you put your money where your mouth is"

LOL - anyway hope you enjoyed your night and the smell of food can be nice- and you can have nice food eventually :)


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Well done for resisting temptation.

I had a jewellery party tonight and managed to avoid eating any snacky things which was very unlike me before. I would have had a glass of vino in one hand and food in the other - lol !


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haha well done cruiks :)


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Well done, it is so hard, I had a bad night last night as I was really struggling, but dont you feel so good today for not resisiting?? I wish you could bottle the proud feeling for next time it gets hard


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Lol now that would be a good idea liz wouldnt it!! :D

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