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  1. TinaC72

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    Im having such a bad time on LL, not that it is the LL. its me! for the last 3 or 4 days i keep picking things only little bits but enough to make me feel a complete failure I'm hating myself a moment:mad:, i 've been doing so well losing 30Lbs in 7 wks, why do i do it to myself...?, please someone tell me that this has happened to them and they got over it.. and carry on to lose the rest of there weight..:sigh:

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    Sorry you are having such a rough time Tina. :( There have been quite a few who have struggled but keep on going - no one is perfect, and as long as you are giving it your best shot - then just keep getting back on the wagon! You WILL get there!! The only way you couldn't get to your goal weight is if you gave up. Just pick yourself up and dust yourself off and start each day anew, and go for it!

  4. x-Katie-x

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    Tina please don't hate yourself and you're definitely not a failure ------ a few slips don't make for a failed diet ... but what you can't do is beat yourself up over them as if you do that you'll feel worse and worse and are then more likely to eat again - it's a vicious circle unfortunately.

    Just tell yourself that this is a new start - a new day 1 and you're not going to eat and then move on from there ---- look at what you've achieved so far, it really is excellent and if you stick to the diet you can continue to do the same.

    Also use these boards for posting when you're feeling good and bad - they are a great distraction from food and other peoples posts really can spur you on.

    Good luck x
  5. angel eyes

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    Tina you should be feeling proud of yourself 30lb in 7 weeks is fantastic. This is just a blip. I dont know if this will help and it probably sounds silly but if I think about food I then think OUT and it goes away. As LL is teaching us the brain is very powerful. I know you can do it Hun!

    Angel X
  6. Donnalou86

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    What the girls have said is so right Tina. No-one is perfect and we're all here cos we have trouble controlling our food. Honestly the best thing I can say to you is just really think how well you've done now, you've made the step to change your life and you will do it! Think about how you feel when you pick at a bit of food, yeh it tastes nice but you end up feeling bad. But I bet you feel amazing at your LL weigh ins when you've lost weight. It's a way better feeling... for me anyway, I've struggled at points too and just thought the food will still be there in a few months. It's a bt of cheesey and overused phraise but nothing tastes as good as being slim feels. Good luck and keep in touch, you can do it! xx
  7. ladylite

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    Tina I am the one to tell you you can get over cause I have done it. I went through a phase when I finished my 100 days and sort of lost the momentum. Like you I did do little picking here and there and felt exactly the same. A failure a cheat, naughty and all the other crappy feelings you get. BUT I have got over it. It was not easy it was difficult but you can do it.

    You need to call on all your strength, you need to get your green book out and go through lots of the exercises, especially the thought record. Write down what you are feeling like when you go and have a pick. You also need to come on this website when you are gonna cheat, our lovely peeps on here may not be able to stop you but they will sure give it a good try and are so supportive.

    As been said before everyone is different dont judge yourself by other people as we all have different strenghs.

    The main thing to do is if you do faulter is to put it behind you, stop beating yourself up, think positive.

    Good luck, try and remember why you started and how far you have come 30lbs is brilliant by anyones standards.

    Remember Onwards and downwards;)

    If you wanna pm me please feel free.
  8. jindal

    jindal Full Member

    i am in the same boat.

    Hi Tina, I am doing the same and thats how I m feeling. Every morning I start my day with full determination but as the day goes by I am picking on things. I lost 2.5 stone in foundation and wasted my money in 7 weeks on developers. then I stopped in march and put on 8lbs:sigh:
    But I've started it again today and taking it on day at a time. I am not sure if I will manage. I want to loose 1.5 stone more before I move to RTM.

    Big hug to you.
  9. Monkey

    Monkey Full Member

    Lighter Life
    Hi Tina

    I've definitely been where you are you, several times in fact! I seem to go through phases where my head is in the right place and others where no matter how hard I try, I don't seem to be able to resist eating off plan. Sometimes this really depresses me and other times I manage to tell myself that it's not the end of the world, as long as I keep trying and keep getting back on the horse.

    Even when it seems completely impossible, you just have to keep trying and sooner or later, you'll get it sussed again.

    The good thing with LL is that when you do manage to get back on track, even just for a week, that weight just drops off.

    I got to my goal weight late last year and am now reaching the end of RtM, which has been a different kind of challenge altogether..! I'm currently just a few pounds over my goal weight, but nothing that a week or two of being a bit more careful won't fix.

    Keep at it - maybe concentrate on trying to have just one successful day of abstinence and don't try to think too far ahead.

    All the best
    Monkey x
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