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Bad week anyone?!


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loves SW!!
Me too! I've had a bad week - had to complete an evidence portfolio Thursday so was working on it non-stop all week and have had 3 take-aways this week. I've then been on a course in London today and ate out for lunch and dinner - chips with both meals and ice cream sundae after dinner. Have done lots of body magic though.

Tomorrow we'll be back on track!


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It's star week this week and it doesn't normally affect me but it has been difficult.

I've had at least 20 syns a day and decided to draw a line and go back to being 100% today. It started off really well but I've had 17 syns tonight :eek:

Oh well, at least it's less than 20. I'm hoping to STS on Monday :rolleyes:


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I've been having a bad week since I went back to work after maternity leave in April!!!!! Do you have anything planned to help get you back on track?
Draw a line under what has happened in the past. None of you can change anything. The next thing to do is plan, even if its just todays meals and then this evening plan tomorrows. before you know it you will be back on track
I had a really bad week a couple of weeks ago and didnt go to class as i'd put 5 lbs on (from home scales), was devastated, but got back on track (sort of) then went and got weighed on wednesday and to my delight i was only as pound heavier. Tell you what it's made me more determined to stick to it and i felt really down knowing i'd put on. Hope you manage to get back on track and stick with it xxx
I had Thursday and Friday going completely off Plan; have managed to get myself back on track since yesterday but very anxious about the weigh in on Tuesday morning.
Hey All, I had a heavy weekend last weekend, but was told if you have a SS day it helps sort it out, I ate loads of SS food last Thursday before weigh in day and lost 2lb! I dont think it would work every week but it was good to correct the blip!

Nicki xox


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louisehj said:
Draw a line under what has happened in the past. None of you can change anything. The next thing to do is plan, even if its just todays meals and then this evening plan tomorrows. before you know it you will be back on track
That's such good advice - I've started writing everything down now and that is helping my focus... I started with the gym this morning and that also seems to help me be positive...still nervous about wi though!
A stand in C we had last week said this:
Take it one day at a time. Wake up each day and say 'today I'm going to be 100%, I'll think about tomorrow when it gets here'.
That way you have less of a feeling of having screwed up the day and therefore the week so may as well give up on the week.
Well as expected I gained after the week I've had but only 1lb so I managed to limit the damage with lots of body magic. I've planned the week and done the shopping so I'll be good all week. I also have a friend staying with me at the mo and I'm normally good in front of other people so that'll definitely keep me on track! :D


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Ive had a horrible week was good upto thursday n thats where it all goes wrong i really need help staying on track at weekends has anyone tried an s.a.s log before n if so does it help? Xx


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ive had a bad week as i knew i wouldnt be able to get weighed on my normal saturday. I have to wait until wednesday. I still semi stick to plan, but i have had 2 takeaways (lowest syn options !, noodles & beansprouts) i know i have gone over my syns a couple of days, but i have gone back on it 100% today...2 more days to limit the damage ive done!


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Just weighed in today and after a v bad week managed to STS.... Got away v lightly so am definitely focused now! Hope everyone else is back on track - planning meals have definitely helped me xx


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Bad week!?! Bad month lol. I moved house - lived on takeaway for a week ( didn't want to cook after decorating until 9 every night and everything was packed) 2 days later went on holiday AI - enough said. Got back, cat died - too depressed and hadn't been back to group as my holiday dates fell on my weigh in day so lost a bit if my motivation etc due to go back tomorrow but then I go on another AI holiday next week lol. I've decided there's no point being too rigid as I'll only be disappointed so I'm gonna be as good as I can and start a fresh after my next holiday and hit my target. After last WI only 3.5lbs to go but who knows how many now lol. I don't feel I've put loads on and everyone keeps telling me I need to stop losing but I just want it for myself now x


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Whitey27 said:
Ah Jenny, poor you - sounds like you've got enough on your plate so wouldn't be too hard on yourself!!
Thanks whitey. Sometimes life just takes over x

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