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Bad week


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Six months ago, I was taken on from my freelance position to cover maternity leave. This week, I've been told I won't be kept on - but the girl who was brought in on six months contract to cover my freelance position will :cry: Nothing to do with how good or not I am, just circumstances that have changed in the company. Now, for the first time in 21 years, after numerous poachings and promotions, I'm gonna be unemployed. What's worse, it just feels unfair.

So I've had beer, cocktails, wine and pizza. A third of a medium one. Oh, and crisps to nibble on at the bar. Syns galore.

WI tomorrow. For the first time, I don't even care if I've lost, gained, or STS. I just feel so down.
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So sorry to hear about your job! What an awful thing to happen.



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I don't blame you for not caring. What a horrible thing to happen, hun. I'm so sorry.


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Good for you hun. I am sorry about the bad news but you seem positive and I am sure you will get through it. Just look at it as there is something better waiting for you. That is normally the way.xx


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Oh thats horrible. I don't blame you for having lots of bad stuff to make you feel better


This is really the time!
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Good luck with finding new work. I am sure things will pan out for you xxx
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Oh you poor thing. What a total bummer. I am sure things will work out for you for the best hun. Glad the yoga did the trick xxx


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How horrible for you. I was paid off last April and devistated as it came out of the blue. I had not been out of work before apart from having the kids so it was strange for me but I went and signed on as I had a right to claim as I had paid my contributions and searched for something else and it was a struggle not getting interviews and then having interview only to get a thanks but no thanks then in Aug I got offered 3 jobs at same place and I took the one I wanted and started in Sept and love it. Hope things pan out for you and well done on not having the pizza. You can do it, stay positive and you go for it and you will find something. Reach for the stars and you will shine xx

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