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Baileysandice's weight loss Diary (Begining of week 3 + a New Job)

S: 15st9lb C: 12st9lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 31.4 Loss: 3st0lb(19.18%)
Hello :)

After nearly a year of messing around with CD I’ve finally REALLY realised that it’s only me that can change my body and mind. I know that sounds obvious but when crap happens its easy to feel out of control and feel like my reactions are involuntary i.e. being upset = major binge. I realise I have a choice. I now find myself actively and vehemently looking for any other way to not ‘harm/medicate’ myself with food. I feel really protective of my success (I’ve been ssing for a week and had to cope with a few crappy incidents) and I refuse to allow any of life’s distractions/upsets to push me off my path.

I’m 30 this year and I want this year to be my year. I want to get married and settle down and I know that while I still have such a negative self-image I’m not going to attract the kind of man I want as my soul mate or as the father of my children. I re-started on 26th February, 5ft 3.5 and weighing 13 stone 11 pounds my goal weight is somewhere between 9st – 8st 7lbs.

I’m feeling really determined at the moment and I know that I will have ups and downs but I’m going to keep this diary to help me keep my focus. I've also set myself some weight loss and personal development goals to keep me on track.

Baileysandice x (sending out my positive vibes to anyone that needs it)

Weight Goals

Goal 1 ~ under 13st (12lbs)
Goal 2 ~ 12st 5lbs usual weight in 2004 (20lbs)
Goal 3 ~ 11st 8lbs lowest weight Xmas 2005 thanks to CD! (31lbs)
Goal 4~ 10st 7lbs average weight in 2001 (46lbs)
Goal 5 ~ 9st 10lbs average weight at university (57lbs)
Goal 6 ~ 9st (67lbs) Finish CD see how I feel and if I feel I want to lose
last 3lbs or 7lbs (8st 7lbs) through calorie counting and exercise.

Other Goals – (in no particular order and will increase)

1. Join a dating agency.
2. Increase my finances by £200 a month.
3. De-clutter my house.
4. Finish decorating my house (main room, spare room, bathroom, cloakroom)
5. By myself a Ford Puma (30th Birthday Present)
6. Train to be a Life Coach
7. Get on to a MA course
8. Increase my circle of friends
9. Improve my self esteem and confidence
10. Reduce my perfectionist behaviour
11. Let old pain go.
12. Enjoy life more
13. Look after my skin.
14. Learn to relax
15. Find an exercise that I enjoy.
16. Get a social life
17. Learn to play the clarinet

Things to treat myself with - (in no particular order and will increase)

1. Ford Puma
2. Personalised number plate
3. Pandora/trollbead bracelet and beads for every 7lbs
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finding my way again !
G: 11st7lb
Hi Baileysandice
just poped on to wish you good luck with recommencing your journey, lets hope you get to your destination this time


Busy busy busy!!
S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
Hi Baileysandice

Looks like you have all the incentives to lose weight - come on here, start a diary thread, go to the Birmingham meet up ..... anything to keep your motivation going! Good luck!
S: 15st9lb C: 12st9lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 31.4 Loss: 3st0lb(19.18%)
Hiya Cheryl and Beverley
Thanks for all the encouragement x I would come to the Birmingham meet but we've orgainsed a surprise 50th bday party for my mom. I'd love to meet minimins members some time coz you guys are great!

Baileys x
S: 15st9lb C: 12st9lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 31.4 Loss: 3st0lb(19.18%)
Happy Happy Happy

I’m so happy!! I’ve lost 12lbs in the last two weeks and I went to an interview today and they offered me the job. They said I was an outstanding candidate! :D Just the boost I needed.

Baileys x

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