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baked potato


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Hi All

Can someone give me a definitive answer about points for a baked potato done at home? Ive looked on here, on ww online, in my ww books and googled it and keep getting different views and opinions.


a) should you weigh before or after you cook
b) how many points per however many grams?

thanks - - really fed up with the answer for a 200g spud varying between 3 pp and 8 pp!
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I have found on WW e-sourcee that a cooked baked potato weighing 225g is 8pp. Hope this helps! xxx
Its in one of the ww books, a whole page explaining how to point baked potatoes. You weight the potato raw and point that weight. The reason is the baking process alters the structure of the potato (thus the weight). It dries out the potato making it weight less when baked.
Boiling potatoes does not alter the structure of the potato as much therefore the pp are the same raw and boiled.
The best and easiest way to do it is to point it before baking. For every 50g you give up 1pp...so a 300g pre-baked potato is 3pp. Enjoy xx
thankyou!!!! i know for a fact the way i point jackets it wouldnt be 8pp! as on discovery it was 0.5point for 50g, so knew it wouldn't of gone up so much! many things have doubled so 1pp for 50g sounds perfect :) thanks! :D xx
I read the book properly recently as I thought the points for a baked potato was really high. Thank god I read it properly as I was due more points. lol. I always weigh before it's cooked at 1 pp per 50g

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