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Baking thought record - thought this might be useful as I had a bit of a lightbulb!


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What happened?

I was baking and the cookies look so good and gooey that I wanted to taste one.

What were my most important thoughts, i.e. Hot Thoughts?Underline your Hot Thought/s

  • No-one will ever know
  • Just the one
  • I neeeeeeed this cookie - look at how delicious it is!
  • Oh god it smells so delicious, I have to have it
  • I will die if I can't have that - this is agony
How I felt %
  • Desperate
  • Frustrated
  • Tempted
  • Needy
What I did/might have done in the past

What I did was not eat it and left it alone. I thought about the weigh in this afternoon. I thought about all the hard work I've been through. I thought about the fact that I no longer want to be controlled by food and that I wanted to be in control of it. (LIGHTBULB!)

I would have eaten it in the past. Along with its family and friends.

Evidence for Hot Thought

Yes - it's painful to me but this is a very interesting lesson that I wanted to learn. I need to know why it's agony and why I am so desperate.

Evidence against Hot Thought

I certainly won't die, it's not really that agonising, I am adequately fed by my nutrition.

More realistic thought
It is a yummy looking cookie, but I don't actually need it. I don't actually need any baked goods ever again. I may have anything I wish when I choose to. But I may never choose to again. I am a good enough cook to know that I do not need to taste that to know it is delicious.

How I feel now

Powerful and in control!

How I might behave now

Hopefully not make such a fuss when I see something I consider to be 'yummy'. It's just food! What is that 'I HAVE TO HAVE THAT NOW!!!' thing all about anyway?
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Well done for not giving in. You are a braver women than me making them. LOL

Brill on the Ligtbulb



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I'm confused. Why were you making cookies?


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Because I wanted to handle food again - I live alone and I haven't had to be near food for 5 months and I wanted to observe my thoughts and feelings around it. The cookies are for my work colleagues. I didn't have to do it, but it turns out to have been a great learning experience.


has started again!!
I cook all the time for my family. Sometimes its easy but others are a real battle of wills!

My personal struggle has been with Easter biscuits and apple cake!!!

Good for you Sarah on your lightbulb!


Taking it Day by Day
Thanks Sarah for sharing this with us. My group has just covered this in our meeting last week, and I was a bit confused about this hot thougths idea, your example is a wonderful explanation, and helped me to make sense of last weeks home activity. I will defnitely look out for those hot thoughts in the weeks to come. And well done for not touching those cookies:clap::clap:

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