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Banana Shake

I can't wait to try them too, our counsellor did not mention them on Thurday and I still have 5 more days until my next meeting before I can have one on Friday.

Seems like a lifetime away and all for a bannana or strawberry shake, how sad.


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Cheers for that Jo - am looking forward to trying them :)



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Not a problem. The strawberry was OK but I think I prefer the raspberry seems to have more flavour. Dont get me wrong I didnt not like it and it was pleasant unlike the caramel and vanilla.

So I would give banana 10/10 and strawberry 8/10

It will be nice to be able to have a little bit of choice as I was only having Rasp, Choc, Veg soup and Mush soup and I was going off mush soup.

ooh, excellent! I have my WI tonight! Can't wait to try banana in the morning.
Wonder what the banana and strawberry shakes are like made into mousses as my LLC says they taste like angel delight's. Have tried raspberry as a mousse on my first week and nearly threw up.


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Cool, wonder if we will get offered them at WI on Thurs? I dont really fancy the strawberry, but the banana sounds good!

I am only on Nut Crunch, mush, chicken and choc at the mo, so like others a new taste would be great!!

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OMG the banana shake is absolutely heavenly, It reminded me of bananas & cream, only trouble is I wanted more & I'm thinking about having a lot more banana shakes next week!
I tried both the new ones last night. Was surprised that I liked them - although the banana is by far my favourite of the two.

Thought they both tasted like Angel Delight (I always make my shakes up with only about 200ml water so they're quite 'strong').

Can't wait to mix choc and banana together .....


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Hey Virgo girl - do you want to do a swap? I have my meeting next Tuesday and (if you plan to get chocolate as well as strawberry/banana) - could get all chocolate and swap 7 of them for 4/3Banana/Strawberry when we meet?

I'm desperate to try them! Don't worry though if you were planning to just have a strawberry/banana fest!
LOVE the banana shake - tastes like those banana penny sweets! Has anyone tried cooking them yet? Best bit is that they're so much easier to shake!
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not tried cooking them yet...love them the way they are just now think im slightly addicted to it as it is the only shake i have come across i don't have to do anything to to make it taste nice lol!!!
I had the banana shake and it was lovely. I'll have to agree with In search Of Me, about how much easier it was to mix too. I thought I was just getting better at mixing the first time but when I had my second was it was much easier too. I think next week I'll get 10 of them, I only got 4 of them this week in case they were horrible.


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No I've not tried cooking either of the new ones yet - might give it a go over the weekend.

I had the strawberry shake for brekkie and kept a little over to mix up and spread over some of the lemon bar biscuits. It was so nice and set like angel delight. Also mixed up a lot easier and there looks like there is more in the packet. Can't wait to try the banana in the morning before the gym and am going to try making both flavours into chocolate over the weekend and bananna custurd. Ooh yum, im in love x


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Love them, Love them, Love them

The banana one is def my favourite and the strawberry comes in a close second. I also do my shakes quite thick and I put the banana one in the freezer for a while and stirred and it was like a macdonalds thick shake - yummy

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