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Fed up of being fat
On ss, aam and 790 no you cant eat bananas (well you're not supposed to). As you move up the plans when reaching goal you can.
Step away from the bananas, they will not give you half the satisfaction as feeling slim will,
Could you go for a walk anything to occupy yourself or maybe split one of your packs into half
How about getting banana shakes in the future to take the craving away? Not exactly the real thing, but a compromise!!


Fed up of being fat
aw bless! lol Ignore the bananas imagine they are someone you dislike and dont want to talk to.

Good idea on splitting the packs, thats what I do, I have 6 drinks instead of just 3, maybe try that?

Keep at it, keep posting, it will be well worth it when you have weigh in.
Oh nooooo! STEP AWAY FROM THE BANANAS!! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD BANANAS!!! Imagine they're full of maggots or something! Apparently that works!

The first time I did CD I had blinding headaches for a week. It's your body detoxing and carbohydrate withdrawal apparently. It'll pass, then you'll feel fab! At least.. I did! *hugs*


Loving the Cambridge Diet
I have a blinding headache as well is that normal? If I was a horse they would have shot me I think I am ready for the knackers yard haha
It is part of the detoxing process and depends on how high your carb intake was prior to CD.

It can also be a sign that you aren't drinking enough water.

If all else fails take some paracetamol!

Bananas are very high in carbs so are a no-no!!

This is my Day 80 - I can promise that it does get better!!


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