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Bank charges

Hello peeps, i was just wondering if any of you had claimed back any of your bank or credit card charges??

I am toying with this idea what with all the news on it at the moment and just wondered if it was more trouble than it was worth?

I've also just had this link e-mailed to me, a government petition to get the banks to pay us back if anyone is interested then please click and sign We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Force the banks to repay unlawful bank charges and remove the six year time bar, forcing them to pay back everything from at least 1980.

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Check out the link in my signature...its really useful and has a proper forum like this one, where you can get advice from people who have done it, and there are different sections for different banks as well


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i claimed back £3500 in november. i used Consumer Action Group - Welcome forum. they have all the template letters and such. took me 8 weeks to get it back with interest.

So far I have got back £1650 for one friend and am in the process of getting back £2000ish for another friend.

its so easy to do but they try to put u off and usually take it to the 11th hour so u have to stay determined with them.



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I'd do it soon. The oft are ruling on this issue in April and it is likely that payouts will be cut because the oft are likely to rule that the charges are to high and set a maximum. That means we will only be able to claim the difference between the old and the new charge eg (£35-12= £23) so act now to get maximum back from them!


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Thanks Georgiasmum, we have started the process but this will help me gee up DH :D
Thanks for the reply, some interesting stuff.

I have just sent my letter to the halifax for a list of my charges for the last six years as i only have 2 years statements. :p


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I received my confirmed settlement from halifax today offering my charges + interest. I signed the forms and will receive my money within 14 days. Go and do it folks!


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Woohoo. Glad I found this. I've just found out that my son has been charged £120 in bank charges, and he hasn't even got a credit card or a cheque book!

He uses a debit card because he was worried about getting in debt!

Seems that he took some money out of a machine at work with his debit card, then used that same card a couple of times in shops.

Each time the money was there, but the time the 'machine' money went through, he was £30 in debt. They then charged him for the other couple of times he used the card.

£120! and this has happened before:eek:

Bless his little heart :( He really thought it would be impossible for him to get into debt as the card rejects if no money is there. He's on such a poor wage too :(



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Not much sleep for DS and me last night. He is so upset.

"But it's a debit card....how can I go overdrawn if it's a debit card??"

He just can't understand. Neither can I to be honest.

We've made such a big thing in the past about being responsible with money..and he is, for a teen anyway. He's furious with himself, which in a way is good as I would hate him to be one of those people that can't take responsibility for their own actions and always blaming others, but I do feel the bank is at fault here.

Fortunately it seems that we might getting the money back without having to go the official route.

When he took the money out, the bank authorised it. It was their slack computing that caused the problem.

This has been a real knock to his confidence. :(


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Excellent news ;)


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Woohoo. That's excellent!!

We're with Abbey, and disputing sons charges, which were totally unfair owing to the above messages.

How long did it take to get from the first letter to this part. Can you remember?
Hi all,
My cousin has just recieved £7000 pounds refund this week and my brother is in the process of a claim for £1780 pounds.
My cousins case from start to finish 9 weeks, he's vereeeee happy as you can imagine lol !
I sent my first letter mid feb - i already had all my statements - i've probably given them a bit longer than i should have at each stage but also i did my court claim online which sends it automatically to Northampton - it was then transferred to my local one and then again to my district one - all of which was a bit time consuming.

At one point they did write and make me a partial offer £200 and the day i received the letter they credited my account -i sent back a recorded delivery letter declining their offer and stashed the money in a high interest account - they haven't asked for it back but will wait and see if the final credit is less that £200!

Was a bit worried when they filed a defence but i was on a course with someone who works for Abbey and he said they always do hoping to put you off but that even if they didn't settle before the court date they wouldn't turn up and i would rule in my favour. Thought i was going to have to go to court!!!


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I've heard this about Abbey. They will string it along for an age. I really want DS1 to get this money back. They should never have given it to him in the first place since he never wanted credit of any kind and asked them for an account which would never put him in arrears.

I was livid. He was so upset. Being Aspergers, it's taken him ages to get over it. Going into debit is one of his phobias :( It was so unfair.

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