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Hi all,

I've been a member of SW in the past, many a time, and have always quit and put whatever I've lost back on.

The most recent was last year, I'd lost around 20lb. It took me around 6 months (which I wasn't happy with at all - but I appreciate things don't happen overnight). I gave up just before I went on holiday in October and have put on around 14lb of what I lost :mad:

I want to give it another go, because I know it does work, and this time I'll be exercising as well.

I won't be going to group for a few reasons. 1: My local consultant is pants and I never gain anything from going, I just pay a fiver to be told what I can find out at home, that I've had a loss or a gain. 2: £5.00 a week is £20.00 per month, and I'd rather save that money towards my holiday (or towards a new wardrobe when I drop a few dress sizes). 3: I don't have the time. The groups are set at silly times. Either too early in the evening for me to get to after work, or too late in the evening for me to go to group and then eat after (because we all know you can't eat before weigh in ;))
I won't be joining online either, mainly for reason 2.

So, I've come here for support and help really. Like I say, I know the bare bones of the plan, and am happy with the information I have to hand (ie. the books from going to group last year), I just need a hand with Syn values etc. but only on the rare occassion. I can usually follow the 1 syn per 20cal rule, if this still applies?!

I've been a lurker for a good few months, so I know that you're all great with support and help and advice - I'm hoping that'll I'll be able to do the same in return.

I'll be starting a food diary within the next few days :)

Thanks for reading

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Hello, just dropping in to say hi and wish you luck :) I do it from home as well, keep up to speed with things on here and keep an eye on Pinch of Nom on Facebook as they are good at posting about any updates to the plan.


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Welcome AGOAD and good luck with SW...looking forward to reading your diary:)

Jane R

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Hello A, I am also returning to the slimming world plan and doing it from home. Good luck with your SW journey. x