Bargain rate for CD - starting tomorrow!


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I am starting the CD tomorrow and am both excited and nervous. Lucky for me my best friend is a counsellor and has offered to let me do the diet at 'cost' so only £25 per week, which to be honest is one of the reasons I want to do it NOW!

I have 3-4 stone to lose and am motivated for both health and appearance reasons. I had a blood clot on my lung last year whilst pregnant and as a result was advised not to diet or exercise, hence not being able to lose the excess baby weight. I am told that I have an increased risk of another clot if I am obse - which I am.

As a nurse myself I have my reservations about the 'negatives' of this diet, and in the past lost 3 stone very quickly on Rosemary Conley - but that was more down to exercise than anything and seeing as I am returning to work next week full-time, there will be NO time for exercise with 2 kids (one of which has serious medical probs and takes up a lot of time).

I probably should have started after Xmas but want to buy a nice outfit to wear, preferably a size down from a 16.

I have a couple of Q's ladies (and gents):

1. At nearly 14 stone is is realistic to lose about a stone by Xmas?

2. Is it true that I need to drink lots of water with the diet? I hate water with a passion, can it be dilute squash???????

3. Do I need to be doing some form of exercise whilst losing weight, to avoid sagging skin? (I have a cross trainer at home).

4. Once I have lost my target weight, what percentage of people stay on maintenance and is it the key to ongoing success??

Any help, advice, support greatly appreciated!

Lyns xxx :wave_cry:
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A stone in your first month is very realistic. You need to drink 2.25 litres of water a day. Buy CD water flavourings from your friend/CDC as you can't use squash. Exercise is always a good thing, but also moisturise your skin daily. Can't really answer your last question as I am not there yet but I imagine it is all down to rethinking your eating habits and not going back to you old ways. Certainly, CD teaches you the difference between head hunger and real hunger, and I have been amazed how a hot drink can take the edge off real hunger.
Good luck


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Good luck with your start tomorrow - can't add anything more than Frances has, but welcome and if you've got a Q it will get answered on here :)

You'll do a stone before Christmas easy peasy :)


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i began CD at 14,2 and actually lost a whole stone in my 1st week!
and then i lost 2 stone in the 1st 4 weeks... so aim high!!!!!

well done for starting before xmas and not delaying it, so easily done.

good luck xxx


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I am new too so can't really add anything to the above but just wanted to wish you good luck! Can't blame you for doing it now at the cheap rates :)
All the best x


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Thank you ladies - this site is Soooo inspirational!! I have got my bottles of water lined up ready, but it doesn't help that the men in my house are having KFC tonight!!! xx