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Bars question

After more digging around, beware, they ARE 18g, and one little one has knocked me out of K :-(
I'm interested in this too. Week before last I didn't touch an Atkins bar, last week however I did and this week I've put on.

It's not all down to the bars, I don't think, I've eaten cheese and had alcohol most nights. But it does make you wonder.

Where have you been digging to get that information?


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Hello - yes I've been a bit worried about these too. I was assuming the carbs on the front of the bar - hope that's not wrong! I've stayed in ketosis the days I had one though...

For any like me who are also interested in the cals, there are over 200 in one bar, so I'm keeping a close eye on my consumption!
This article says that most bars are only 2-5 net carbs and it's the net that we're working out here, right?

If I am looking at a standard packet of any food, what is the difference between a carb and a net carb? How can I make my calculations right?

I've just been looking at the ingredients and if it says 2.0 per 100g then if I eat 100g then I'll calculate that as 2.0. Therefore, am I calculating carb or net carb?

I note also that Laura said it was something to do with the american way of working things out.
I dug around in other forums which all basically say they are 18g, which wouldn't be a problem had I counted them thus!

Weight gain or stall I am unsure of, all I know is I went out of K and other than meat, eggs, and a few glasses of wine, I should have been well below 20!
There is certainly a contradiction here which needs to be investigated. Which forum did you go to? I'd be more inclined to listen and read an Atkins/medical website than listen to what people say/don't say in a forum. You don't know who you're talking to and whether they have the right information.

I would say in favour of the Atkins bar that if you do the programme online through Atkins then they allow you an Atkins break bar and an advantage bar in one day. If the bars are counted as 18g then you'd be well over 20g on their own diet plan. So I therefore deduce that it must be 2,1g of carb. Not only that, and to reinforce my argument, why would they sell them on this diet at 18g and then display 2,1 on the front of the packet?

I'd certainly like to see where you went for your information ...
I'm glad I read this thread as I was a bit hesitant to buy the stkins bars because of the debate over the carbs. I am american and many people i know use these bars an haven't been knocked out of ket. so it must be 2.1 net carbs.

also interesting thing about the labelling I never knew they were different I was only looking at the carbs on the labelling here in euorpe thinking that was the total carb amount.
Don't forget that Atkins have a vested interest in this Penny! Most people trawling forums don't, so that kind of gives a little balance to the argument. I never take from one site and believe it (far too long on the Internet to do that) I always cross refer information. There were several forums debunking the net carb thing.

This was one:

Atkins Bars - actual carb count? : Low-Carb Products : Active Low-Carber Forums

What you see is not always what you get!

FDA Eyes Food Label Carb Claims — DOC NEWS
I'd rather get to the bottom of it Laura! If a bar is only 2g then why do they say its not suitable for induction?
Some bars are suitable for induction, in fact, as I said yesterday, on the Atkins plan (ready made) they allow 2 bars a day. There are a few things not allowed on induction but I think that's because they contain nuts.


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The Advantage bars are ok on induction, I have one most days and hasn't done me any harm.
As Penny said, some bars are not suitable as they contain peanuts, but this is stated on the bars if not ok for induction.
Most Atkiners i know have the bars and have not had any problems losing weight.
Give them a try...by the way they are still on offer at Boots with buy one get one half price.....I stacked up as at £1.89 per bar it soon adds up.
Ok Laura, I think you are taking this far too personal. I am not saying you aren't allowed to eat or enjoy the bars, I am just trying to get to the bottom of something, please calm down!
If you think life is too short to discuss whether or not Atkins bars contain more carbs than they say on the front, then it may be best you don't click and read threads discussing them!
I personally feel that someone is trying to make an argument out of this. Let's drop the subject and assume that it's 2,1g or whatever it says on the front, or if you want to, count them as 20g. Your call!

Perhaps a letter to Atkins manufacturers would be a wiser thing to do.
I feel the same Penny Jane, and wished I'd never started the thread!

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