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the bars make me feel hungry so i avoid them, only ever get one if i know i'm going to be going to the cinema. so i chop mine up into small pieces too and dont feel like i'm missing out when there. The cranberry one is yum!


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I always found them really satisfying, especially when I had them with my huge cup of coffee. I used to cut them in half with scissors and have half mid afternoon and the other half in the evening when kids had gone to bed. Loved them.


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I couldn't have stuck to CD without the bars - I love them!! Seriously - I may be addicted to them!

As I type, I'm drinking a huge mug of black coffee and savouring a peanut crunch bar for my breakfast... i usually make the bar last over two huge mugs of black coffee!! Bliss!!!

(They've never made me feel hungry - but eh, everyone is different!).

Actually... would it be soooo bad if I just had bars instead of shakes (i don't bother with the soups and the porridges!)... would it really upset my weight loss?

This is a serious question - I mean - I know there's a lot of talk about extra carbs in the bars... but surely if that's all i'm going to be eating is the bars, it's not going to make that much difference.

I'd love to know if there's a sensible answer to this?



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A couple of the bars don't have extra carbs (peanut and cranberry). They do have extra calories, but not a great amount to make too much difference.

Having all in bars though can given you a nasty tummy though.
KD... i knew you'd answer, you star!! Font of all knowledge!!
You know, i'd probably be able to put up with the dodgy tummy if I could eat just all bars. I wonder whether my CDC would sell me just bars. That could be another sticking point!
I'll have another think, and see whether my CDC says about it.

Thanks KD.

I love the bars. I think that they offer a very enjoyable daily treat. Unfortunately I like them too much and if I kept them at home I would eat a few together.
It is true, you get a horrible tummy afterwards, trapped wind, abdominal discomfort, diarrhoea, perhaps other symptoms for other people.
I have a friend that looks after them for me and provided me with a bar just before we go into the theatre etc.
It makes me sound like I'm a little child, lol, but it very necessary to have this 'control' in place x

I always buy 7 bars a week, so I can have one a day. On rare occasions i've had two... i always have one for breakfast and maybe I've taken one to the cinema with me... but that's a very rare occurence, because i'm bereft when i'm one short for breakfast!

I've never eaten two right after each other - i find them so filling so I've never felt the need.

You should only ever have one bar per day, as they contain more carbs than the sachets. Plus you need to have a extra half pint of water with them too.
sorry just realised that was already implied.. i should read all the thread before replying, lol
Thanks Tinka.

As KD has said, the carbs don't seem to be much of an issue - just a dodgy tummy.

I think at my stage of my CD journey I think i may give it a go. When I was doing SS and SS+ I wouldn't have dreamed of having two bars. I think i'm drinking more than enough water so an extra half a pint/pint wouldn't be a problem.

When I was doing SS I would regularly have 2 bars per day. I did get slightly bloated for the first day or so but then it settled and I had no problems at all. The extra water is important though.

Breakfast was nearly always a Cappuccino shake (with a shot of espresso if I was really tired!) mixed with ice into a milkshake stylee drink. Lunch a bar and then a bar in front of telly at night time.

It worked for me and did not affect my weight loss at all. Now that I'm maintaining I still get a few bars when I see my CDC as they are such a handy snack on the days I'm travelling with work.
Cheers Alli.

I can't see it being a problem at all... i think it will really help me when I'm struggling - instead of picking (baaaad!), i can just sit down and legitimately have a bar and a coffee - I think it would do me the world of good. And they are perfect when you are rushing about the place!

sadly I can only have a couple of bars a week as it messes with my losses - it took a while before my cdc and I worked it out but my plan of one a day was seriously thwarted!! I am so jealous of anyone who can manage one a day, let alone two!!! ;)

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