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Does anyone like the Cambridge Bars?

Got 1 of each from my CDC last night. Made a nice cuppa and went to watch TV in bed with the chocolate one. Really missed chocolate so was looking forward to it.
Very disappointed. It tasted like salt!
Managed a couple of minute nibbles just to make sure and the rest went in the bin!

What does everyone else think of them?
Any favourites?:confused:
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not been able to try them yet as i'm only on wk 1 got to wait til wk 3 but was looking forward too them :eek: lots of people do like them on here and wouldn't be without them! guess its down to individual taste x


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Love them. I get five different ones. Chop them up into tiny pieces, split them five ways and pop them into the freezer. Its like eating a bag of revels, and lovely to have something to chew


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I haven't tried other ones but orange chewy ones are lush!!!
Absolutely love them!!!

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Slow & steady does it!!!!
I love 'em too!

Not tried them all mind you. Which one did you have? x :D


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Only tried the chocolate one and it was vile.


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IMHO, the chocolate one isn't the best. Reminds me a bit of Atkins/Slim Fast bars.

My faves are Chocolate orange and Malt toffee (just ate a Malt toffee for my lunch - yum!).

I can't actually stomach the caramel one - it's the oddest thing I've ever tasted (it certainly ain't like caramel... :eek:).

I can occasionally tolerate the peanut bar, and I quite like the cranberry one.

We're all different though. I'm sure someone will come along and tell us that they lurrve the caramel one. :D


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My fave is cranberry and peanut, dont like the rest. Only thing is they give me a terrible tum and make me feel hungry, cos im chewing i put it down to. I only have the occasional one. One a month at the most!
I love the bars and even though I'm maintaining now I still have bars in the fridge for those hungry night times or when I am out and about and not sure lunch will be readily available.

My favourite is malt toffee although it must be fridge cold.
Peanut is OK although not too often.
Chocolate - agree it's salty but still OK on occasion - again must be fridge cold
Cranberry - i'm not a fan as I find it slightly odd tasting but still get them for variety.
I don't really have any other flavours - maybe a few caramel ones if no toffee available.

There's no way that I could have done CD without the bars...especially as I don't like the soups and porridges.
Can't get through a day without my bar. Look forward to it all day and have it at night for my supper with a milky coffee:D

Malt toffee is my fave and then the peanut....lush x
Its very strange

I was obsessed with the cranberry bar for months (since i started) and went right off bars last month

Now only have choc mint shakes x 4 a day!

Cranberry (personally) is the most 'normal' tasting bar out the lot lol!


Still fighting
Lol mrsessex ......if i read this thread from start to finish I've gone from choosing one flavour to the next for my first try!!?? Just shows we are all so different.

I'm allowed to choose 3 for next week think i'm gonna go with choc orange,malt toffee and cranberry .....lol That is until someone else comes along and blows that idea out the water again!
peanut bars are amazing, would defo recommend, im addicted!

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