The 5 minute 10 day exercise challenge - who's joining me?


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Join me on Monday on this challenge. It is 5 minutes tummy exercise safe for the unfit (like me)! It's also good for your brain....

Watch this video which explains the physiology and how to do the exercises safely.
The Challenge - choose 4 or more exercises and do them each daily for one minute.

Every 3 to 5 days, do high intensity interval training work out (HIIT) exercise for 15 seconds on 15 seconds rest. A bike is good for the unfit and fat.

16:22 Plank
16:47 Abdominal Press
17:45 The exercise that “isolates the stomach muscle well” (20-30 reps)
18:25 Diagonal Crunch
19:09 Lateral Flexion
19:49 The exercise wherein “the knees are lifted straight up to the ceiling”
21:22 Example of HITT

Everyday - post that you've done them! We start tomorrow - or when you read this thread!

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