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Morning all

Hope you are all having a lovely day so far!! I was just wandering if having the bars has an effect on your weightloss? My cdc has said that they dont as long as you drink your extra water so I have been having one most days, and have ordered more for next week.

I normally have a bar a porridge and a shake per day, do you think this is okay?

Thanks in advance!!

Leah xx
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I have a bar a day, and in my first week having the bars I lost 6 pounds... (althought I only lost 2 pounds the week after, so fingers crossed for this week!)

Make sure you have your extra water and you should be fine. However, everyones different, and some people are more carb sensitive, so all you can do really is try them out and see how much you lose!

The best of luck to you x


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Thanks Liz, was starting to worry a bit! Was also worrying nobody was gonna reply!!!

You have done amazing in your first four weeks and if my losses are anything like yours I will be made up!! Keep up the good work xx
I held off bars this week to see if it had made a difference to my weight loss but I dont think it has.
I am looking forward to going back to my bar a day!

Also you shouldn't have bars until 3rd week i think, you are supposed to be established in Ketosis before you start having them...
Same with water flavours I think?



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I am sorry you feel like that Leahtm, but you know, your original question was only posted 1 hour ago!! The support from this site is second to none and everyone helps everyone else.

Personally, I would not have a bar every day as I think it does effect my weight loss. It is 100% 'legal' to have a bar a day but I would (again personally), only ration myself to about 4 a week. I hardly ever ate them when I did CD before, but a couple of weeks ago I had a few in the week and I did not lose much. Last week I had none and lost 4lb.
I asked my CDC about them at WI on wednesday, and she said no they won't. They are really only a few calories more than a shake and at this low level of calories that's all good.

The reason why you can't have them until your 3rd week, is that they have slightly more carbs in them, which to some carb-sensitive people may knock them out of ketosis if they are not in it firmly yet.


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Thanks for your replies I think I might just have a bar every other day, I have been checking and I am still in ketosis so thats good news!!!

I for one know that I couldnt complete this diet without the support I receive on here and didnt mean to imply otherwise I just noticed it had had 27 views and no replies thats all!! Hope no offence has been caused.

Hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend, I can only get on at work so wont be back after today until Wednesday! How will I survive lol!!

Le xx


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KD told me that the peanut and cranberry bars were actually less carbs than the shakes, so I'm going to stick to the cranberry now that I'm on SS+ and will only need 'emergency' bars.

I lost all my weight having a bar every day for lunch, and I do consider myself to be carb sensitive - proof that CD works!! :D
The peanut bars have less carbs in?

Thats exciting as thats the flavour I have everyday! I love them!
Oh and thanks Leah, am very pleased with my progress so far... Have nearly finished my 5th week and have stuck 100%, so just goes to show it is possible to stick to the plan (even thought I usually lack will power on diets, this one has been different for some reason!)

Just hoping for a slightly bigger loss this week, was a little disappointed with my 2 pounds last week. Fingers crossed for me?
I love the cranberry and quite like the peanut bars...
had a choc one and an orange one and they made me feel nauseous...

wish I could have a coconut one!!! lol

I found that when I had the bars they knocked me out of ketosis as my CDC checked when I told her this, I also didn't lose as much weight the 2 weeks that I had them, so as I wanted to lose weight as fast as possible I gave them up, a small sacrifice I think as they didn't fill me up as much as the shakes anyway.

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