BBC Horizon documentary Fat Vs Sugar!!!

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  1. gingerninja

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    I'm new to the site, and can't find any discussions on the recent episode of Horizon related to high carb v's low carb eating. I would post a link but i'm new so can't do that yet.

    It's called "Fat v's Sugar" and is still available on iplayer.

    The episode shows a pair of twins over a month, one tries a high fat diet, one tries a high sugar diet.

    Obviously, it was just a tiny experiment involving one set of twins and so therefore generalisations cannot really be drawn scientifically, but I still found it really thought provoking. Especially the effects of the low carb diet, which caused a significantly negative impact on the chaps sensitivity to insulin (putting him in the pre-diabetic category) and caused him to lose significant muscle mass!

    I have been doing some form of low carb WOE on and off since 2006, not to lose weight necessarily, as I didn't need to back then, but because I read a book by Gary Taubes and truly believed that carbs were the devil (health wise).

    Anyway, just wondering what others thought if indeed they watched it?
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  3. TracyGWill

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    It was a very interesting programme, certainly, if not exactly surprising. Neither fat or sugar on it's own is the real problem, it's in combination that the real problems arise - like the rats that were addicted to cheesecake, lol. For me it just reinforced the way I've managed to lose my excess weight - everything in moderation, calorie counting, certainly not cutting anything out. I really couldn't survive with my carbs!! :) xx
  4. boris666

    boris666 Banned

    I missed it and its not on the iplayer. Gutting lol
  5. Suedefan

    Suedefan Full Member

    I live abroad and will have to see if someone puts it on YouTube. Hope low carb is not all bad, I've just started the Harcombe plan and am really enjoying it.

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