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Beautiful People - step in add your mark

Okay its time someone pointed this out to each and everyone of you!

You are all BEAUTIFUL people!

I have been on this site for almost 3 weeks and what you all seem to see or lack in seeing is how beautiful you all are...

I have seen your photographs, and i have also read your success stories...

And what each one is showing how life was so crap being fat...obese, or whatever word you want to describe the life you have had.

I comfort ate since i lost my Mum, me being overweight has shown how i suffered being in grief, what it does not show is how loving i have become, how i see people for who they really are not for who i want them to be.

Some of you met your husbands/wifes being overweight, you are not giving your partners the credit they deserve, they saw you as the beautiful person you are, for those who met their partners being slim and are still with that partner then think of it this way, they know you are a beautiful person, and weight well its only more to cuddle.

And for those who like me had a bloke who only wanted a thin person, did not look past the glass to see the crystal then you are well rid of the low life! like i am LOL!

I have been told i do not need to diet, because i am a lovely happy person with alot to give, i am actually doing this diet for me, not for anyone else, but i know i am a beautiful person inside and out! even at this weight i am now, i am or will be no different in 6 months time to how i am now.

If you lack knowing how beautiful you are, then add your thoughts here, then sign it...

I "mini*me_escaping (Helen) am a beautiful person and will smile at everyone i meet, look into the mirror and wink, and thank the universe/god whoever you believe in, you are here for a reason and that is to make you happy! first and foremost!

Hugsssssssss to all of you, i am a genuine article, and i see the beauty in all of your before pictures so why can't you?

Helen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Well.............what can anyone say in response to your post Helen???

It was a lovely post & has made me feel great! :D

Thank you.


Will be slim!!!!!!!
thats such a nice post, made me feel so much better! im sure its helped alot of people feel so much better about themselves, so thank you! xx
Aww what a lovely thread, i've always struggled to see my outer beauty, even when recieving compliments i rarely take them at face value. My mum has always told me how beautiful i am but that is what every mother tells their children! I do however know that i have inner beauty and ironically i never doubt that...i look after my loved ones, i care about people's feelings and know that i'm a good, loyal friend but when it comes to apperances it is harder to accept or see. I guess the positive to come from that is that i never judge people on their looks...fat, thin, tall, short, average face ect i always manage to see the beauty in others.
Typically i have recieved a few comments from people in the past saying i don't go out with good looking guys, or i go for ugly men for example but my argument always is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and truly for me beauty is so so much more than what the eye sees it is about the person as a whole that makes somebody attractive to me.
Thanks Lily, love the gathering up of the smilies too!!!
Emma, glad it made you feel good, when i see you all feel bad about yourselves i will up this post to the top!!!
Jackie, i am glad it made you feel much better...
Airgirl, you are beautiful inside and out! your mother biase never, well i don't know you and i think you look beautiful, and this is from someone who has a weigh issue too, your right, so keep up the positive thoughts about yourself hun!

Remember to do this diet or any other diet for yourself, i have in the past 10 years had an issue of food, now i don't particular enjoy it, hence why i am doing this diet, cos i want to retrain my brain/body for the food it actually needs, not crave for.


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Thank you Helen. Your post shows what a lovely person you are. You are right about loosing weight for yourself - once you realise that is so much easier.
Good Luck with your journey. X
You have made me smile for ear to ear! I am very lucky i have a great husband who has never told me to loose weight and i am purely doing for myself and my horse lol.
Thankyou xxx
Debski, i got to the stage from each diet i did, that i just hated food, i use to binge, so it kind of comes with the life of a binger i guess, so this will hopefully retrain me on what i am suppose to eat...

Thank you for the good luck and the compliment!

So you live in Manchester to eh?

Thank you Janie, glad i could make you smile, see your husband sees the beautiful person i see, and your horse, well i am sure he/she is happy just how you are hun!!!


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I'm not sure that I hate food in that way but I certainly can binge! I am not happy until the packet is empty! I'm an all or nothing kinda girl!
Do you live around Manchester too Helen?


please try again
what a lovely post!

am sadly lacking in that confidence department, still tryin to work out if its april fools or pull a pig week as a few male friends ( all for some odd reason who are stunning and live in the gym ) have asked to date me, lol

as they say will have to look in the mirror and start loving me for me
Debski, i live in Pendleton, where in Manchester are you?

Awwwwe Claire, you are a beautiful person, you always leave such nice messages to everyone, that shows your beautiful, so yes go past the mirror and wink at yourself, and say hey babe how you doing!

If they ask you out, and you fancy them, go for it!!! its fun!!!

Claire, if i was in ireland i take you under my wing, yep bingo that is, and i teach you how to love yourself, i use to have a real problem to the point i thought i was so ugly no one wanted to look at me, that was since a beating from an ex, that left me a few scars, but now, i think narr i am lovely, and when i see anyone i smile, i do sometimes get abit paranoid, cos i now wear bright colours, and i also wear blue contacts, and sometimes people look, but its better than wearing black all the time like i use too do, now i have a purple coat, and i wear bright clothes! GOK would be proud!

Claire what happens to your friend?
awww what a nice thing to say. I am very lucky that i have a wonderful bf and daughter.he is supporting me 100% through this and wont let me give up no matter how many times i fall of. of course he says the usual im nto fat etc but deep down i know i am i have to do something about my weight. I want to be a beautiful bride and be around for when my daughter grows up and be there for her when she starts school and not have people say to her ohh your mummy fat!!
So heres to me doing this for myself!



Silver Member
Small world!! Hope I don't know him!! He obviously doesn't deserve you whoever he is!


please try again
ahh helen im not in ireland im in sheffield, lol moved about 6 months ago
know all about violent soab ex's had one of those too lookily for me my scars are on my stomach so no one sees

which friend do you mean ?


please try again
helen had to move, ex was breaking his restrainin order and courts handed him a mickey mouse sentence for 3 assults on me of just £250 fine suspended for 12 months

the lad i think ur talking about hes going home to dubai soon, we talked about marrying and me going over too but he cant or he will lose his job ( hes been here training with the raf for years ) hes now started messing me about after last weekend he wanted to come this weekend too but friday he went to a party insted and said would come this morning then he went shopping with his mates today and could he come tonite. he then changed his mind again, called 2 hours ago to say he was gonna have a shower and chat to me on msn insted but no sign of him again, starting to feel like he was using me

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