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...because I want to love myself too...

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Hello there... I am new to this so don't even know if I am using this site correctly. I have actually used this site without realising when looking up syn values online.

Ok... so my name is Niccy and I have just turned 27 and I am LARGE! I have joined and quite Slimming World so many times in the last 5 years... my first time round I lost 3 1/2 stone and felt great... then I met my amazingly wonderful man and it aaaaaalll went back on!! :( We just wanted our nights in with lots of munchies and tv... and we also wanted to go out and eat every single take away food we could get our hands on.

I then became a student and started SW again, but with my small budget and not being able to eat at normal times... I ended up paying to get told that I had put on more weight.

NOW... I have just come back from California for the second time after working on a Summer Camp and I am now officially the heaviest I have ever been - not because of the American food... I actually lost weight whilst I was there, but because me and my boyfriend constantly EAT!!

I haven't joined Slimming World again because I am still trying to find myself a nice 9-5, Monday to Friday job since leaving University, and do not have much funds at all. I have my old Slimming World books and know SW like the back of my hand - so I am doing this from home, which is why I have joined this group - so I still have support and after reading some of the threads in this - my goodness there is some amazing support.

I have a massive chart up on my wall right next to my bed with 10 goals - all of which are small goals. I have made the mistake in the past of just saying... right I want to lose 2 stone in a month which isn't always that easy. My first goal is simply fitting comfortably in some jeans that I have. I can get them on currently but if I want to breathe, I am better off not wearing them at all!

So... I want to lose in total 84lbs and today is my first day to achieving that ultimate goal. Being the weight I am effects every part of my life; my boyfriend suffering the most (after me obviously). My weight is on my mind 24/7 - every decision I make is based on my weight... it sucks!!!

Anyways... I am off to plan my meals for Wednesday - organisation is key :)

So thanks for listening to me ramble on...

Love Niccy :)
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S: 16st0lb C: 15st8.5lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st5.5lb(2.46%)
Hi there... nope... this is my first post (like ever on a forum!!)... I am slowly reading through trying to get to grips with it all :)


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Good Luck...and we are here to give you support if you need it!
I am new to SW (only started Tuesday) getting used to the EE plan nicely and I am enjoying eating nice healthy balanced meals, feeling great infact...not sure what my weigh ins are going to be like as I feel stuffed all the time, so not holding out too much hope on losing anything to be honest.
best wishes and keep us posted xKx
S: 16st0lb C: 15st8.5lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st5.5lb(2.46%)
Thank you muchly... I like the Green and Red plans because I go a little mental on the Extra Easy so starting off with the 'good ole days' SW and then when I get a little less likely to go crazy then I will try EE again.. thank you for the lovely message :) xx
S: 16st0lb C: 15st8.5lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st5.5lb(2.46%)
Yes... when I did it the first time round and lost the most weight I have ever lost, I did it with red and green days. I like to be able to have 2 healthy extras of each so it works out better for me... x


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Looking forward to reading about yr loss...My prob is my now husband...meeting him made me gain some serious weight...and i was bigger than average to start with!
He is luck enough to be able to eat loads and not gain much at all (hope it will catch up with him one day - evil plan laugh) Is yr bf the same? is he joining u with SW meals?? x
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My fella will be joining me when I am with him... we are both living back at home with our parents (seperately) at the moment so it is alot harder... have to carry my 'diet survival kit' with me where ever I go. But yeh... he puts on weight but not half as quickly as me! But I don't think he will be mean and eat naughtiness in front of me... I hopes anyways :) xx


has a thin girl inside!
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Unlike my hubby...but he defends himself by saying "yr so strong...i know you wont have any' and i dont just to make myself happy! it gets a lot easier.
SW survival kit is good idea! if i were u i'd put some alpen lights in, pre-packed sweetner (aquired from cafes) mugshots (green days) hmmmmm.....making myself hungry now LOL xx
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yup... my survival kit is pretty epic even if I do say so myself. I bought one of those plastic drawer sets, 4 drawers. In the top drawer is everything I need every day - scales, measuring cups, measuring spoons, sweetener tablets for tea and coffee, fry light, cheese grater, plastic bowls (for pasta n what not if taking to work), apple slicer (one of those funky ones from Asda, didn't really need it but its shaped like an apple so couldn't resist haha). Then my second drawer is going to have all my syns that I can have, labelled... 3rd drawer has all my green foods and the bottom drawer is going to have all the note pads, and recipes... all my diet paper work as it were... and I have managed to steal a fridge drawer to keep all my stuff out the way from my dad cos he eats all my stuff all the time haha xx
There's no reason why you can't just continue with original and green days. Or you could join a class and just get the new books or sometimes you can buy them on ebay.

Good luck.

Irene xx
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Day 2 of 'Operation get slim'

... so its day 2 and I am sitting on my boyfriends bed whilst he is at work... right now I must explain that his bed is situated in his 4 year old nephews room as he has just moved back home to save up for a place for us, and it is a camp bed. Uncomfortable much... and just to make matters worse, I am job hunting... whilst munching on some sliced apple. The joys of leaving student life and looking for real work. Didn't start Uni til I was 24 after working at some pretty good large companies and earning a good wage... now I feel like a 16 year old looking for a job in the real world and finding it tough. Hmmm! So anyways... yeh thats me right now. Normally when sitting at the laptop, I am eating crisps or chocolate - thank goodness I am not doing my dissertation anymore or it would be about 16 bags of galaxy haha!!

Hope everyone is feeling good today :)


has a thin girl inside!
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You will get a job soon tho and it will take yr mind off slimming! I remember the dissertation days...and snacks! they were all that got me through! Wine made my typing dodgy! lol x
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Soooo... what a day. I decided on a red day which I always find a little more difficult cos I don't really find much to fill myself up on... today was even worse. Looked after my little niece for the first time and I literally didn't have time to even eat some fruit... haha! Good times! Have chowed down on some yummy chicken tonight and got a large bowl of fruit to pick at whilst me and boyf watch movies - this is instead of the tube of pringles, bag of galaxy counters and cake... and possibly haribo... God I am so naughty... but like I said fruit tonight. xx
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ok so I haven't had much chance to get on here this week with working extra shifts in my crappy job and babysitting for my niece... but things have gone pretty well considering how busy I have been... and hardly at home. Having to carry around a cool bag with pre-prepared meals for a few days has been hard going but I have done it and guess what... I lost 5.5lbs in my first week yay!! I am not feeling AS hungry now during the day so hopefully a nice bowl of fruit and yogurt will be enough for my lunches as that gets me lots of speed foods a day! So its my sisters wedding this saturday and she is having a buffet - ARGH! My favourite type of meal... one with lots of different foods... gonna have to be strong ang try not to eat too much... OR I might weigh myself Saturday morning and record it then so I have the day to enjoy it and an extra day to be good the week after... what do you think??

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