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beccas random chatter

So i thought i'd start a diary in this section rather than just keep waffling away in my food diary, and god i don't half waffle.

So little bit about me, i'm a 21 year old girl who likes partying, travelling and cheesy pop, o and eating rubbish. Trying to cut the latter out, however but i think the party girl in me will never die!

I am in a long distance relationship which is a nightmare but a year and a bit on and we're managing great, i will move to sheffield one day but for now i am stuck in cumbria with no money and college 3 times a week!

See i told you i'd rabble on, best start talking about the diet, this isn't a life story!

I've been on WW for 4 weeks now and lost 8.5lbs, i can't decided whether i'm happy about this or not. in the past 2 weeks i've been struggling to eat all my points and only lost 1.5lbs when i thought it'd be more.

New start for me now, gonna try my best to eat all my points and hopefully the scales will make me smile next wednesday!
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surprisingly enough, youd think the less you eat, the more you'd lose.. but your body is more likely to go into starvation mode if you dont eat your points.. so if you're struggling, have a chocolate bar or something you fancy to bump your points up. I know it sounds bad but as long as you're within your allowance you'll be fine :)

welcome to the boards btw xxx
yep gonna try and eat all my points this week, got 2 big nights out this weekend so i shall consume points of wine and cider no doubt!
best way to spend your saved points IMO :D x
got upto 24.5 points out of my allowed 27 yesterday, hopefully i can maintain this all week and then see a positive effect on the scales come wednesday.

not going on my night out tonight, need to save some cash, for going to newcastle next week but i have bought a bottle of wine to take to my friends house tomorrow night which will save me money when i'm out because wine kills me!

7.5 points for a bottle of gallo rose, can't think of a better way to use my excess points :)
woohoo Newcastle :winner: enjoy!
you got tickets? very jealous - apparently shes fab live! xx
yep got tickets the day they came out, quite relieved now as they have gone super expensive on ebay, like £100 a ticket!

excited but hope i can see cos we're standing, last time i stood was for beyonce and couldn't tell whether she was on the stage or not half the time
take a yellow pages! if you cant stand on it, at least you can beat people out of the way with it! :D x
haha sounds like a plan! luckily our hotel is across the road from the arena so i'm hoping for an arena view so i can see how big the queues are and just go down when it starts to luck over the top!
ergh buffets are a *******, went over my points yesterday! was at a friends birthday party last night and she had a buffet and karaeoke etc. i would have been fine just sitting on the sofa with my bottle of wine singing a bit of sing star now and again but stupid me decided that i needed to smoke. Not allowed to smoke in my friends house so had to go through the kitchen and into the backyard.. what was in the kitchen?! the buffet, had a little bit but hopefully it'll be ok on wednesday.

going out to the pub for tea tonight, gonna try and have something with minimal points, looking through my EO guide and the nearest type of pub to the one i'm going to is Wetherspoons so going to have a chicken burger and chips with a diet pepsi for 14.5 points, so evening my points out from last night!
enjoy your pub meal! xx
my pub meal was amazing!

just back from my WI and lost 2.5lbs so prooves that sticking to and eating all your points does work :)
cheers for the well dones :)

just back from my weekend away, was an amazing time with my amazing OH but feel shitty now i'm at home, miss my bubba.

anyway diet wise it hasn't been too bad because i'm allowed loads of points because of my size..

thursday i had a Wetherspoons beer and burger
friday i had half a pizza from pizza hut with garlic bread and a half a portion of chips and curry sauce
saturday another beer and burger and a chinese
weigh in tomorrow night, nervous!

i normally don't eat before weigh in but i think i'm gonna tomorrow as i have a job interview and don't want my belly rumbling during that lol. hope it doesn't make too much of a difference
stopped the same this week but actually quite happy with it as i was convinced i was going to gain, plus its TOTM so even better iguess.

gonna be super good this week and go the gym tomorrow and friday, hopefully see results on the scales next week


Up for the challenge
Hey my dear welcome to the boards. Good luck with your weight watchers journey. If you need anything give me a shout. Have a good weekend. xxx

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