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Beccy's Beck book journey


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I thought I would start a diary about my journey through Cambridge and the Beck diet solution. I couldn't actually say how many times I have re-started this diet. I was successful once and got down to a size 8-10 but was arrogant enough to think I didn't need the maintenance steps and as a result ended up back at a size 18. I have been back on the diet since January but messed about a bit. I have lost 23 pounds so far. I started the Beck Book on Sunday and also re-started the diet that day. I am on to day 4 which is all about giving myself credit. I have stuck a post-it on my computer screen and every now and then I am trying to give myself credit for something. It really is hard. I do feel a bit silly and it is a bit difficult thinking of things to give myself credit for. I have settled on getting to this stage in both the diet and the book. :clap: I thought about giving myself one of these each time but I think it might not go down so well in the office. I made myself a response card too just saying well done. I may get my fiancee to show it to me in the evenings.

Is anybody else working through the book? I thought about rushing the first 14 days so I was at the starting the diet point in the book but I am trying to take it slowly and actually reflect on each days teachings. After all this has to be a life long change so what's a few extra days.

So here is to a day of giving ourselves credit for even the smallest achievement. A pat on the back for me for starting my diary. Yeay me.
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Day 5-

So today is all about eating slowly and mindfully, notincing every bite in order to create psychological satisfaction. This one is something I really need to work on. I have noticed more and more lately that I always finish my food first. I did think that when having a shake this one might be a bit difficult but then I wonder if this is my sabotaging thought so I have decided I am going to sit at the dining table by myself tonight and have my shake. I'm sure it will give my fiancee a laugh too. I have read my reasons to lose weight list. I am thinking of putting each of the reasons on a card and on the back putting a little something to think about relating to it so that I actually do think about it and not just skim read them.

Diet wise it is going ok so far, no real hunger to deal with. I am a bit light headed today but I usually find that at around this stage. I have dropped 6lbs already which I am saying well doen to myself for in order to affirm the credit giving.

How is everyone getting on?


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Day 6-

An easy one, appoint a diet coach. As we have such great support from our CDC's already I have asked mine to do this but I am also going to sit down on a Sunday and discuss things with my fiancee. I am very lucky at how supportive he is. I will also continue to do my diary and use you lovely people for support when I am having a hard time.

I found it a bit odd last night sitting down at the table to have my shake but I did it and I just sat outside in the little garden at work to have my bar. Hopefully I will master the art of eating mindfully quite quickly or people will start to think I am very anti-social.

Overall the diet is going well so far. I have not come up against any obsticles yet but I am sure I will very soon.

Wow, sounds like you are doing so great! Yey!
I like the concept of mindful eating, gosh, we really connect food to other things, eating in front of the telly or computer. Suddenly it's the other way around, like you can't watch TV if you don't eat. I think really being aware of what and how you eat, the sensation and enjoyment of food is really important. Just like you, all my life I have found myself eating really fast and never stopping until the plate is empty. I haven't heard of the book, but I think the whole giving your self credit for something is also a really good exercise, we so often seem to focus on all the things we should have done that we forget the things that we did do well. :)

Sounds like you are on a really good track, wish you all the best!

Many hugs,


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