becoming a cdc


i have just sent off my forms for becoming a cdc and am really excited, i have just one question tho. i work full time and would love to help as many people as i can, do u think it could be turned into a full time opportunity? how many clients do you think it would take for this to become a full time occupation. i am open to all suggestions for help as to how i can make this full time. i have alot of ideas myself as to how to gain clients outside of my own circle of associates. i would like to make it as personal for each client as my question again is how many clients would make this a full time occupation? my husband i in a very well paid job so my job at the moment is only to socialise. if i could something more worthwhile like a cdc i would be very happy

Am not a CDC yet and to be honest don't think I could become one as I don't drive but I know plenty of people that are CDC's will be on shortly to answer questions.
I am sure it can become a full time career good luck
I'm looking to becoming a CDC too.. I'm going to ask my councellor to sponsor me.. I'm not sure about how to make it a full time career though. One of the experienced CDC's should be on shortly and they'll be able to advice you better :)
Hiya Hermione

I am a full time CDC though I also run a coaching consultancy as well!!! Linda (CD Counsellor) is also a full time CDC and I'm sure she will agree with me that it can be extremely fulfilling and satisfying. Of course, it has its down times but that is how life is...the majority of the time I wouldn't swap it for the world!

It can take a few months to build your business into a full time concern but that all depends on where you live and how many other counsellors there are in your area...however, you are your best advert so word will soon get around.

There are soooo many questions and answers about being a CDC and the best place to start is always with your own CDC as they will know you and will be able to show you, first hand, how they set up their business you can learn from that how you would want to set up yours.

Sorry I can't be any clearer than that but please understand that each CDC will operate in an individual way and, therefore, it is quite difficult to give you a generic answer online. However, if your CDC is unable to help you and you would like more specific questions answered please feel free to drop me a PM or an email. :)
Hi, am in a similar position to you, my CDC is sponsoring me and am at the initial stages of thinking through how I would like this to operate. I am hoping to also offer NLP and develop the two services together. Would be interesting to hear from CDCs on how their service has grown.

Louise x
Hey Lashly.....I'm also an NLP Master Prac. and combine my two businesses and it works very well. (By the way NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming....basically reprogramming of the mind!)

However, you must remember that in order to do complete NLP therapy your clients must be fully aware it is not part of the Cambridge program. I use some NLP techniques in my CD counselling but do not do any of the "deeper" stuff unless they are also a coaching just keeps things "cleaner" that way!!

Feel free to PM me if you would like more details....

I have been a CDC for nearly 19 years and now am fulltime as is my daughter who works with me.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time counselling others and helping them to change their lives.

Many of my clients have lost 8stones+ and it is lovely watching their losses each week and the smiles on their faces.

How you develop your counselling business is up to you as long as you stay within the CD code of conduct. How it will grow is hard to gauge it is different for everyone.

As Diva has said the best person to sit down with is your own CDC who will be able to answer most of your questions.

I am sure you will not regret becoming a CDC.
Is it only a person's own CDC that can sponsor them if they decide to become a CDC themself?

Yes that is the preferred way of being sponsored unless there is a very good reason why.

CD would ask you who your counsellor was and then contact them.