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beef stew mmmmmm?


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Hi Sar,

I would firstly look up the calories for the amount of beef you are using, then i would add up the cals for total veg and any stock, then divide it into how many portions are going to come out of it. should give you a good idea,.


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no dumplings for me, apart from them being probably calorific??? i dont like them, i think 680 isnt too bad for an evening meal, waht does everyone else think? it filled me up aswell i couldnt eat it all, plus had loads of veges and pulses in it.
680 is great for an evening meal. I tend to shoot for 500 - 750, as I only get through about 500-550 during the day. Although I had about a thousand for dinner last night just to ensure my body doesn't get into a rut and start thinking it's OK to stop losing weight :p


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lady marmalade, none left over for today, there was meant to be but half way through it cooking in the slow cooker some stupid person (the OH) turned the plug off it was completely cooked though thank goodness i couldnt have thrown it away, so already had to reheat it to get yesterdays dinner, so i had a portion, my daghter had a portion which she didnt eat much of, and the rest went to my dogs lol they seemed to reall enjoy it though it was a nice treat for them lol
crazybrit i never thought about my body getting use to how many cals i am eating, i do try to vary how many cals i have at each meal so its not all the same, hope that will help me

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