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Been asked out for dinner...what do i do!

Help me guys! ive been asked out to dinner tomoz night by this gorgeous guy!!! What am i meant to do? can hardly tell him im on a diet and cant eat food! arghhhh!
hey Nicky - don't panic !

stick with protein (chicken, turkey, fish) & veg (green & white are best - no sweetcorn or peas.....think broccoli, cauliflower, salad etc)

hope that helps.....

Debz xx
I dont have any advice, I just wanted to wish you luck on your date :)

Ring the restaurant and ask whats on the menu there is usually a chicken or steak option even in Italian restaurants
maybe change the dinner date to something else... i.e. movies, ice skating, bowling... whatever - that is what I have been doing!! Or, have a few starters as a main - usually the starters are meats, soups, and veg!!!!

but were going to an italian restuarant!! full of carbs! i might just cancel! ARGHHH! PANIC!
dont cancel....!!! most Italian restaurants can do a chicken Caesar salad....that would be fine.......

Debz x
At least you have an excuse to go Shopping... better it be that your cloths are loose then tight!! :)
DO NOT CANCEL..... I REPEAT..... DO NOT CANCEL. lol I went put 2 antibos t'other week, i had chick salad, they do do them, or just tell him ur not the biggest fan, but look on net see if they have a website and check menu. x x x x
Did my post make any sense whatsoever??? Just read it back lol x x
Nicky ure bdays same day as mine. x
Yeah Nicky..... Libra weighing scales!!! lol x x x x


Silver Member
Go for dinner, choose the cheapest thing....just fiddle with it on the plate. He won't notice. Men don't.

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