Been craving fish and chips for 3 days now....and had to succumb...


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to a chocolate orange cd bar...I just couldnt stand it any longer and I had to have another bar on top of the one I already had today so have had 2 bars, a shake and a soup today when i should really only have had 3 packs.

The funny thing is I now feel sick as I drank a pint of water straight off after eating the bar and am so stuffed I lost my craving for fish and chips :confused:

Feel gutted that I gave into another bar when I have been on SS now for 18 days, hope it doesnt affect ketosis...but at least it wasnt a big plate of greasy fish and chips from the chip shop :rolleyes:
Thats fantastic! better to give in to a cd bar than fish and chips. I'm proud of you for that. I've done that myself this week to be honest and have still lost 4lb
Well done you, a choc orange bar and fish and chips are just not the same, and you done so well not to succumb!

I have always been told by my CDC if i really really feel the need to eat something else, have an extra pack or bar, and on the odd occasion like totm, I have had an extra one and it hasn't affected my weight loss, I have always lost a decent amount. Wether or not I would have lost more if I hadn't eaten an extra one I don't know, but as long as im loosing I dont care!

Well done, you deserve a pat on the back for that one.
Well done on not giving into the fish & chip monster!!! I'm STILL craving a cheese sandwich, but am determined to make it wait till....dunno....maybe march?! An extra bar or pack is soooo much better for you than the chippy!
Excellent choice - one extra pack now and again will do you no harm at all!!

I gave into my pizza craving on Friday and now i can't stop thinking about another one!!

My CB is trying to talk me into having one tonight cos i'm going out for a meal on Wednesday she's telling me that i may as well have what i want until Thursday - cheeky ***** she should be called not chatter box!
Im so glad you only gave into an cd meal and not a chippy well done you! pat yourself on the back for being a ickle angel! :D xx

Oh karen dont let the CB tempt you again you will feel double worse! Kick that CB into shape!
Well thats MUCH better than fish and chips.

And just think as well - you're already 16% to where you want to be!
Definitely better the bar than fish and chips! Well done you for not giving in!!
You're not alone! you're so strong for not giving in but boy its hard !!!!
I'm craving tonight, so far had a soup, shake and 2 bars ... normally on 4 packs a day and needing food!! trying to succumb to water rather than anymore bars or comforting warm soup! been on CD for 10 weeks and lost 5st! only 3 1/2 to go :) hopefully by christmas ...
Thanks everyone, at least I will lose some weight this week, to be honest I'd be happy with 2 pounds even with eating an extra bar. I am so happy today that I didnt succumb to the fish and chips :)

Good luck everyone

Ann xx
Must confess I too have been craving fish and chips and with this thread title, was probably hoping for a vicarious acount of their loveliness followed by a reassuring self-flagellation for giving in.

Instead i got inspiration.

Well done on only going for a bar!!