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Been thinking,thinkig,thinking.

I know no one else can make this desision apart from me but would like a bit of input if you dont mind.

As some of you know Ive lost 6st now, the 1st 5st with CD and the last st with WW, but I found WW a bit restrictive so thought I would try SW which Ive been doing for 3weeks now.

Since being on SW Ive lost nothing at all BUT Im happy with that obviously we all like the scales to saya a loss.

I like SW as it isnt a diet , its teaching me to eat the right things etc I dont think about what im eating now just reach for the things I know I can have , how strange.lol

My thoughts are that Im actually happy at 10st and a comfy size 12, but the thought of not being on a diet is scarey as in my head I think if im not on a diet I will put the weight back on (Im never gonna let that happen).

I dont know what to do, Im happy eating what Im eating and Im happy with staying the same weight so why am I having the problem saying Im not gonna lose anymore weight out loud???

Sorry for this long post that dosnt really say anything.lol

I dont know if I should go to class or not, I can do SW from home, Im paying to get weighed which I can do at home and I can follow the plan from home (with the help of minis).

Sorry to go on, did any1 else have these issues when they reached goal??
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Firstly - congratulations on your amazing weight loss - it's inspirational!

Secondly... do you think that staying to class for image therapy is a good idea? Do you feel that gives you the motivation to keep at target? If you do, then i think i'd stay there, rather then trying to go it alone.

Perhaps it's worth speaking to your consultant about your concerns. It's all well and good to go it alone... but sometimes a little support just to tell you that you're doing okay can be worth the world.

Hope that makes some kind of sense...
If you are eating more with SW as compared to WW, which is likely, that might be why you aren't losing weight. I know this can happen when someone moves from a more restrictive eating plan to SW. You have to decided how you feel about losing more weight or not, but I would say stick with SW and you might start to lose as your body adjusts to the extra food!


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Hi Susan,
I am at target, a comfortable 10 stone and size 12. Like you I would maybe like to be a little less as I am at the top end of my healthy bmi range but I decided that I love food too much to work really hard to lose the last half stone.

I also have to be on a "diet" to maintain. I still have weeks where I write everything down to make sure I am on track and if I have a bad day then i'll cut back the next day etc.

I stay to class every week, without fail and love image therapy. The fact that it doesn't cost me anything makes it a bonus.

If I didn't go to class then I know I would put the weight back on. I do still consider myself as on a diet as I do think about food a lot but the crux of it for me was accepting the fact that I may not be as small as I perhaps could be, but I had achieved a lot and should be happy with that!
Jay xx


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so why am I having the problem saying Im not gonna lose anymore weight out loud???
It's very common. We get addicted to losing weight (and often gaining it again). Some might say that people subconsciously gain in order to keep themselves on the dieting treadmill and see the weight losses again.

I don't know what the answer is for SWers. I guess they take it one step at a time until the head registers that this is where they want to be, then either chose to maintain with SW, or come out of dieting moding and just living slim.

It works a bit differently with Cambridge where you gradually come off the diet and head stuff about these things sort out along the way then you slip into 'off diet' so to speak and maintain that way.

So maybe you just need time to get into 'that place in your head' where maintaining is the goal, rather than losing.

I think you just need to be patient with yourself but just wanted you to know that your feelings are very common :)


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I don't really have any advice to give as I've only just started my weight loss journey but I wanted to say your post was very inspirational as I have about 5 or so stone to lose and it seems such a lot... knowing others are at the other end and have got there gives me hope iykwim?!

Congratulations on your amazing weight loss and I hope you find something that works for you x


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The advice i would give for you is doing it at home would be perfect for you. As when you had a bad evening if you do you have the willpower to get straight back on the plan unlike me.
So i would think you can manage not to go to class.


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If you tell the sw consultant you're at target, don't you get to keep going for free? I'd definitely do that because it's so easy to put it back on again. If you're scared of putting it back on keep doing sw, as it's a good plan for maintaining. I'm not sure if you're allowed more healthy extras or more syns if you're maintaining. I'm aiming for 9 1/2 stone but may settle at 10 if I ever get there!
After reading all you responses and having a really good think as to what I want I have decided that it was only the numbers on the scales that I was wanting to see go down and not my size and shape etc I wanted to change, how very odd how our minds work, so Im going to go it alone at home (still use SW as my healthy eating plan) and see how I go, I can always go back to class if I need to.xx

Thankyou for all your responses.xx


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It sounds like you need to get yourself to accept that you've 'done it'. You've lost the weight, you're eating sensibly and enjoying it, you're maintaining.

Without getting complaisant (sp) give yourself a HUGE pat on the back. Still keep an eye on things - after all it was not keeping an eye on things that got us here in the 1st place - but youy are a true blue, inspirational success xx